Monday, 3 September 2012

Where did EE go??

Today is one of those days when I am really confused whether Aarav is in fact able to hear all lings or not!!???!!

(Yes after all the checks and tests done after the Neptune change.. Still I feel a bit skeptical about it and I hope I am wrong and Aarav is still just adjusting to the processor change)

All he now says is "Ba" and then there are patterns of "Ba" that resemble words..
It is true that he is babbling more, and checking his voice at different volumes as well..

But why only the syllable "Ba"??

I was a bit worried about this from last week, so finally this Saturday I made him sit and I made him repeat all the lings - like in actual structured therapy.

He repeated AA, OO and MM very accurately. Then was able to identify SS and SH and even tried to repeat it quite well. But I suspect that "EE" is out completely.

He hears it, but he repeats AA.

He makes the EE face , but he repeats AA.

It is frustrating, as I feel we just took a step backwards.

Oh and one more?!? He makes the facial expression for all the lings but everything has a "Ba" somewhere in the repeatition.

Is this correct? Should I be suspecting the new Neptune map?
Or is it the novelty of the newly learned syllable "Ba" that is making him use it so much??

If its in fact the Neptune map, then maybe I can check Aarav's reactions to the lings by using the PSP again? I am going to do this today evening.
(After days of worrying, this idea came to me, yesterday night at 3 am. Aaarghh. Some timing to have a smart idea...)

Tomorrow, we have therapy again, after a week long break.
I'll be bringing this up for sure.

I don't know about anyone else's reacotions to missing therapy.... but, I have missed our therapist tremendously in the last week.
It feels so much better to have her seeing Aarav at least once a week. She would know instantly if something is different..
It feels a little derailed to miss even a single therapy appointment any day...

Waiting for tomorrow now...

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