Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Brand new addition in Aarav's Vocabulary!!

"Aarav, take this toy".
Aarav took it, looked me in the eye with a unique expression, tilted his head and smiled and babbled "aa-ooo".
I thought, Allll rrrrright, That's a nice style of babbling, some sort of 'conversation' that he now has with us.. cool.

Again some time later.....
"Aarav, here I'll help with this...."
He acknowledged with the same "aa-ooo". And again the same tilted head and smile and walked off. Cool. Nice Babble.

"Aarav please give that back..." (And I took the object in question)
And he waited for a few seconds watching me. umm?? What do you want boy?

By habit, I thanked him and then kept the object away... Aah, there is the smile, did you understand what I said?!!

With the same brightly lit face, Aarav said, "ae ae ae", with the usual give gesture, he asked the object back from me... *** ae = de = give. Gesture also present.

"ummm ok, so you want to play more..." And I gave it to him....."aa-ooo" again and the same tilted head and a smile... Hey!! hey?? hey!! Why is this specific babble coming at only specific intervals only? Whaaaat was this aa-ooo ???

So, I decided I should keep a watch for a few days....Aarav came home, I removed his shoes and he picked them up and kept them on the shelf properly.
"Thank you, Now keep your coat please?".

I helped remove his windcheater and Aarav went and hung it up in his usual place.
"Thank you, Now keep the scarf please?".

I removed his scarf and he went and hung it up again.
"Thank you, go play."

With a permission to play without restrictions, Aarav started running around, playing on his trike and all the usual mischief.

He does get me nervous some times though..

"Aarav DONT JUMP from the sofa.." Aarav stops his daredevil act midway , "Whev, Thank you."

Once the play is all done, "Clean up your books Aarav..... Thank you".

Tired from all the physical play, Aarav came up to me and looked up and said "Ub".

*** Ub = Up = pick me up. With a "pick me up" gesture also present.

I looked down at him, and asked him to repeat whatever he said, again..
Cruel as it may seem, I do that quite often, I just want him to use his words more and not gestures...
He again looked at me and said "Ub Ub Ub".

Then I picked him up.


W.h.o.a.!!! That is what it is ...

Aarav is now saying "Thank You" !!


Repetition !! Repetition !! Repeatition !!

Just to point out again, we just use thank you quite often. We never actually taught him to say thank you. We never made him say it. Ever!!


It feels good to see him taking effort to learn and understand the meaning and use the words ON HIS OWN!!!
It is much different satisfaction than after hearing him use the words we have "taught" him!!

It just confirms that He hears much more than what we give him.
It also confirms that HE IS HEARING and ACTIVELY LISTENING to these words as well!!

In the last few days this has been one of our peak achievements ...
Keeping fingers crossed for more such surprise words!!

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  1. You have taken good efforts, and little bit he has started speaking.well done. we like to read all the improvements he has.


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