Sunday, 30 September 2012

what's CRACK-a-lackin?

Use of Lime green Neptune cover case -
from 17-Aug-2012 till Sept end 2012
We started using the Lime Green Neptune cover case right from the day the Neptune was first switched on.

We have always ensured that we take extra of the Neptune. 
The user manual may say its a rugged processor, but when in the hands of a toddler, it is always better to be extra vigilant.

As if to prove my fear true, Aarav managed to draw a crack through the Cover case.
I have absolutely no idea how he managed this feat.
To protect the Neptune, I pack it up really realllly well.

For buffer in case of impact, the Neptune always has the crocodile clip on it even if it is not being used.
Then the Neptune (with the crocodile clip on) is put in its protective pouch.

Then the pouch is strung into the lanyard.
And then the lanyard goes around his neck and it is literally pinned to his chest with 2 well fitted shirts.

It is never exposed.
I still wonder how he cracked it.....
Apparently Child-proof does not mean Toddler-proof.
What can one do....

Off to report it to the AB guys now....


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Medicine time with Aarav!!

The fastest and most reliable way to make Aarav eat his medicine syrup is to hold him down between my legs, hold his head in my knees and then make him swallow the entire medicine contents.
So after he is done giving me disapproving looks..
Buddy Monkey gets the medicine treatment!!
Here is Aarav making Buddy monkey have his medicines..

See the expression on Aarav's face??
What resolve!! What determination!!
Aarav sure picks up facial expressions quite well :)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Brand new addition in Aarav's Vocabulary!!

"Aarav, take this toy".
Aarav took it, looked me in the eye with a unique expression, tilted his head and smiled and babbled "aa-ooo".
I thought, Allll rrrrright, That's a nice style of babbling, some sort of 'conversation' that he now has with us.. cool.

Again some time later.....
"Aarav, here I'll help with this...."
He acknowledged with the same "aa-ooo". And again the same tilted head and smile and walked off. Cool. Nice Babble.

"Aarav please give that back..." (And I took the object in question)
And he waited for a few seconds watching me. umm?? What do you want boy?

By habit, I thanked him and then kept the object away... Aah, there is the smile, did you understand what I said?!!

With the same brightly lit face, Aarav said, "ae ae ae", with the usual give gesture, he asked the object back from me... *** ae = de = give. Gesture also present.

"ummm ok, so you want to play more..." And I gave it to him....."aa-ooo" again and the same tilted head and a smile... Hey!! hey?? hey!! Why is this specific babble coming at only specific intervals only? Whaaaat was this aa-ooo ???

So, I decided I should keep a watch for a few days....Aarav came home, I removed his shoes and he picked them up and kept them on the shelf properly.
"Thank you, Now keep your coat please?".

I helped remove his windcheater and Aarav went and hung it up in his usual place.
"Thank you, Now keep the scarf please?".

I removed his scarf and he went and hung it up again.
"Thank you, go play."

With a permission to play without restrictions, Aarav started running around, playing on his trike and all the usual mischief.

He does get me nervous some times though..

"Aarav DONT JUMP from the sofa.." Aarav stops his daredevil act midway , "Whev, Thank you."

Once the play is all done, "Clean up your books Aarav..... Thank you".

Tired from all the physical play, Aarav came up to me and looked up and said "Ub".

*** Ub = Up = pick me up. With a "pick me up" gesture also present.

I looked down at him, and asked him to repeat whatever he said, again..
Cruel as it may seem, I do that quite often, I just want him to use his words more and not gestures...
He again looked at me and said "Ub Ub Ub".

Then I picked him up.


W.h.o.a.!!! That is what it is ...

Aarav is now saying "Thank You" !!


Repetition !! Repetition !! Repeatition !!

Just to point out again, we just use thank you quite often. We never actually taught him to say thank you. We never made him say it. Ever!!


It feels good to see him taking effort to learn and understand the meaning and use the words ON HIS OWN!!!
It is much different satisfaction than after hearing him use the words we have "taught" him!!

It just confirms that He hears much more than what we give him.
It also confirms that HE IS HEARING and ACTIVELY LISTENING to these words as well!!

In the last few days this has been one of our peak achievements ...
Keeping fingers crossed for more such surprise words!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Saturday, 15 September 2012

A Brush with the Deaf Culture....

This is my personal opinion and in no way do I wish to belittle the decisions of others to hang on to HAs only nor do I wish to promote CIs to anyone.
I write this blog as our decision to go for a CI was challenged by one from the Deaf culture, especially for the wrong reasons.
And these are my answers to the questions we were asked.

CI = Cochlear Implant
HA = Hearing Aids


A few weeks back, on the insistence of a few close important people, we went to meet with this Teacher of the Deaf.
She has been working in this area of speech therapy for 40 years and if you check on YouTube for "Speech therapy in Pune" you will find an old lady (60-70 years of age) by the name AU.

First, when we called for an appointment, She flatly refused to entertain us, as Aarav had a CI.

Yes. That was the reason.
Then she said, please go and study from one of my student - Abc's mom. She will teach you. (umm??? what??)
Then when we still persisted, she let us come and attend 'sit by the doorstep and watch' one of her therapy session.

First thing we saw and were happy to see??
The kids were speaking all right!! They were speaking full sentences.

What we also saw??
1 - That she made the kids LEARN the sentences and repeat word by word.

2 - She sat facing the child and the child could see her expressions. So most of the repetition the child did, would be on facial visual clues, right?..

3 - The child - this normal child with nonsyndromic hearing loss- who was speaking ---- was. missing. out. syllables. when speaking.
Ff , sh , ss , whispered sounds were missing. or very low and rare.
Umm.. after a year or more of therapy if the child is still not identifying or repeating these syllables, is the HA really enough for him??
I think not.
But the Therapist has drilled into the heads of these trusting gullible unsuspecting parents convinced the parents that CI is not an option.

Is it not the job of the therapist to inform the parents that progress is not being made as expected with the HA and that something more might just work??
I can understand that one may strongly believe against CIs, for whatever reasons, but the decision should lie with the parents right??
One should not spread ignorance.

This lady SCOLDED us for option to go for a CI.
Reasons for the CI refusal??

1 - That the child with a Cochlear Implant cannot have a normal life.
What a big fat lie to be told!!
Says who?? In my list of blogs, please see the blog by the name "Triplet Princes and a Princess". I see a normal life here!!
I am so proud of this mom for all her efforts and little Cormac for being the little genius that he is!! He plays ball. Reads. Speaks. And does so much more. Just as any other kid his age..
Read about him here..
Who said a normal life is not possible?

2 - That the child with a Cochlear Implant, cannot go near water!!
Again, says who??
Aarav bathes with his CI processor on him. He has to remove his HA but the CI stays on.
She said that with Hearing Aids, the recipient can go swimming and in the rains --- Ummm swimming?? Super big Myth.
The Hearing Aids are water resistant NOT WATER PROOF. They have to be removed before entering water.
With CI ??
AB Neptune
is WATERPROOF and one can swim as well with the CI on.

Aarav is too young to be accepted in any swimming pools here in my locality as of now.. but BELIEVE me, the moment he turns the right age mentioned by these pools, I will personally throw him in the water WITH HIS CI on him and sent this lady a billboard size picture.

3 - It is not possible to do a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan with a Cochlear Implant. Ever.
AGAIN Says who?? FALSE again!!
Of course its possible. Not easy and not the same as for a normal patient. But possible nonetheless.
The surgeon who did your CI plays an important part here.
But the CI recipient has to be handled differently for a MRI scan. Few important prerequisite procedures need to be done for the implant.
Extra precautions need to be taken during scanning.
The MRI team should be informed that the candidate is CI patient, and involvement your ENT surgeon is a must, so that the correct MRI procedures can be done.
And always have your CI identification on you.

All the above precautions are not impossible.
Besides, no one gets a MRI just on whim, it is a planned medical procedure.
So why not take the needed precautions and then do it?

4 - Any magnetic interference affects the Cochlear Implant...

Yes, that is true, but its not like the implant will be damaged!!
A magnetic interference such as the magnetic walk-through metal detector gates at airports need to be avoided. These may erase or corrupt the program that has been set on the processor. The internal implant is NOT affected at all.
So, this may be a demerit of a CI with respect to HAs. But all you need to do is to NOT walk through the magnetic metal detectors!!
(every CI patient is given a CI identification for such situations.. Make sure you have yours ID ready when you expect metal detectors.)
In case you do manage to get your program erased, please just go to your audiologist and reprogram the device again and your hearing is back to normal.

5 - You fall on the site of implant, it damages the Cochlear Implant and you need to replace it.
True. Very true.
So wear a helmet or the required appropriate protection when you are doing any activities that may increase the risk of hurting your head.

6 - Every few years the HA can be upgraded while the Cochlear Implant cannot...
The CI upgrade can be done by upgrading the Processor only as well. No surgery needed here.
The new enhancements come in the form of a external processor upgrade. The enhancements that come as the internal implant are not as frequent and not mandatory at all.
The internal implant is compatible with a range of external processors and the cross compatibility is amazing.
All four AB processors work with HiRes 90KTM Implant.

Just so you know. Aarav upgraded from the PSP to the Neptune. And there have been no problems. In fact, the upgrade has been of a lot of benefit for him.

7 - If you get a Cochlear Implant then you are not eligible to get Stem cell therapy to cure hearing loss.
Ohhhhh okaaay..
So what do you want me to do?
Do I wait for the next 15-20 years for them to do trials on rats and gerbils and then say that Stem cell therapy is now ready and can be used for curing hearing loss in humans??

Just to clarify again, we too banked Aarav's stem cells when he was born as an insurance for the future. Stem cell therapy is surely a promising science of the future.
But we are not going to have Aarav wait for that long in the future. Aarav needs to hear now. And he needs to hear all his syllables well.
8 - With a Cochlear Implant the parents have to take too much care as the child cannot.
Aarav started putting his magnet back on his head one month post the switch on. And he was 20 months old then.
Being a kid that small, Aarav takes care of his processor really well.
He even says good-bye to the processor at night and puts it in its dry kit on his own and pats the dry kit to sleep.....
(he just stuffs the entire Neptune in and I have to dismantle and keep it properly,, but then, what more do you want a 23 mnth old to do?? )

He leads a normal mischievous life full of naughtiness just as he would have lived without hearing loss.
We see no difference.
9 - With a Cochlear Implant, Life is hectic.
Yes it is. So?
If Aarav hears well and responds well, is it not worth it?




And when none of her above reasons were good enough to make judge our CI decisions...

10 - The Cochlear Implant, ENT surgeons don't inform the patients about the Cochlear Implant, they just push and get it done.
NOT TRUE, complete BS.
The staff at Big ears KEM, told us everything that we should know before deciding on a CI.
Our Surgeon answered all our questions with truth. Blunt. Crystal clear truth.
No questions were dodged, or falsified or not taken. Nothing was hidden. No one forced us to take the CI decision.
We were the ones who took the decision.

Our Surgeon, our Audiologist, our Speech therapist have been the BEST people we could ever have met.
I could go on and on and on about how much the KEM team have supported us and helped us and this page would not suffice.
More on that later...

Later, I even read a blog written by one of AU's patient's mom.
(Google on 'im paired but em powered' - Check label Cochlear Implants).
Her lines as is :
"The mothers trained under her are all very good speech therapists and counselor. As we don't have certificates we are not recognized by anybody.I wish some good soul could see this and bring change in India."

Oh sure why not?? So next time I need to get some surgery done on me, I'll go to the doctor's doorman who has been 'trained' by him to cut me up.

As if a biased therapist is not enough .. who needs more fake-therapist-trained-mothers-who-think-they-are-therapists too.
Outrageous. I could comment and negate with proof her every written word.


We walked out this lady's place without saying a single word to her. Only out of respect for her age.

Meeting with her, we felt even more blessed to have met our Big Ears KEM team. They really are the best.
And more importantly, that our CI decision has been correct all along.

All that we got from this AU lady, was that her information was - Outdated. Biased. Narrow viewpoint and incorrect half-baked opinions.
And after read her views put down in the words by her own student in her blog, I now find her to be a megalomaniac.
But then, that's my view.

These thoughts were eating at me from inside and hence this post.
Good to have this out in the open and out of my head... My blog is becoming my Pensieve!

I do not wish to comment on her any more.
Aarav's blog deserves better.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tuesday - 15 weeks old..

1 - Was Aarav the same person last week???
He just had a sudden explosion of speech identification... As if, he was waiting for few gamma rays to activate his identify-gene or something like that....
Well, we are happy.

He now understands and identifies the following...
Aarav Says
The actual word is
Blows out air from his mouth + gesture
e e + gesture
peep peep
mmmmm + a yummy face
Something tasty to be eaten
aaaaa + flies an imaginary plane through the air
Baaay + waves
up up up + gestures up with hands
up the slide
Khaali means down in Marathi - We use it when he comes down the slide
aa-o + cringes his eyebrows and nod a furious no
He says a-oo in two separate syllables.
It means “Don’t want” or “don’t do”.
He may not use if often but he does know it well and understands it when we use it too.

Blows out air from his mouth + gesture
Sleepy baby.
Baa + gestures to stop
Enough in Marathi. He uses it well. That's one of his first True Words!!
Blinks and gestures to sleep
To sleep.
Eee + a dirty face gesture
To show something is dirty.
Ooo + points to his nose

Aarav understand Nose!!
2 - Environmental Sounds..
Aarav now signs environmental sounds as well.. The other day a bike zoomed across the window, on the lane near our house, Aarav signed that he heard the sound.
No, I don't think he was able to correctly identify it yet, but he DID hear it above all background noise and told us that too!!


3 - Understanding basic commands..

Mandi ghal
Aarav prefers sitting i
So to make him sit properly, we have to remind him that he is supposed to sit with his legs folded properly.
We still have to tell him 5-6 times, and I think he understands the command more because we repeat it till he gets it.
He probably reads our eyes and body language..
But, Still. He does get it now.

Shee Shee (For something dirty)

4 - Aarav got a new School Id !!!
Aarav is now going to Preschool..
This is his very first School Id card!!!

5 - Table Manners!!
We got him a new small table to start teaching him Table manners.. (and reduce the radius of flying food morsels, the center of which will now be the table hopefully...)

He sits on it dutifully to have a snack or to watch tv..

If I give him a plate of food to carry out from the kitchen, he carries it to the table, then drags his squeaky chair and then has his food.

That means less running around after Aarav for me...

I swear that it would be easy to feed a crazed hungry Lion than a crazed hungry Toddler!!
At least the lion would chase the food... here the situation is quite the opposite..

It is extremely difficult when the toddler firmly believes that every morsel has to be eaten only after running a 100 meter hurdle race with Mommy running behind him...

And when he does eventually get caught, he practices his Sumo-moves to either escape ..

And in occasions when I do win, He then masks his 'defeat-face' with a "Yea yea, I will eat, I am hungry anyway.." face and then analyses the food...

And if the said food morsel is the right combination of tasty looking bits put together, that suits his palate at that point of time, then and only then he will eat it..

And then again run for the next 100 meters hurdle race...
With me behind him again to monitor if he is chewing or just gulping down...

Who needs a gym session?
Dinner time used to be cardio enough.

And then with the new table.. less mopping the floor
And less picking up stray pieces..
And less work for me...

And with table manners came an added benefit??

A bit less ducking and avoiding the sudden spurts of loving-bear-hugs that he insists on.  
Especially when his hands have just been dipped in something as dreadful as unremovable-stain-making-raw-mango-pulp, on which he takes a lot of effort to ensure that it seeps into my scalp, cochleas, nostrils, eyes, clothes and few more inaccessible regions....
Talk about inescapable love.

Good.. hope these table manners last for loooong..

Yesterday we had therapy and mapping.
We discussed the second CI.
In spite of being informed..
its the same old turmoil again...

This blog post was due the very next tuesday, was never completed on time..
I have uploaded this 'as is' now, without any more additions..
I will leave you with a pic for now...
More later ....
Aarav at 7-8 mnths of age

Monday, 10 September 2012

Have you planned for a second CI??

Posted on 17-10-2012.
I had to take a break to clear my head else this post might have been a depressing rant :)

These are excerpts from my personal diary, so grammar, words, tenses and emotions are not as formatted as I wish them to be.
But then, neither was my brain at that time.
Still, worth a share.
10-Sept-2012 Monday.

We went for therapy today and also got the Neptune mapping done.
This new map for Neptune is the first real map after the Neptune-switch on.

Our Audiologist explained to us the benefits of getting the second CI done soon.
In case the recipient is bilaterally implanted within a small time gap, then the brain adjusts and tunes both ears such that the responses from both become identical.

This is not a surprise for us, we had always planned to get the second CI done in the near future… We just never expected to the future to be this recent...
The decision of getting Aarav a second CI is not an easy decision. In fact, it has become even more difficult than the first one.

This time we don't have to think just about the surgery and post surgery plans, but the biggest bottleneck is Money.
Remember I said, how in India CI is not aided by insurance or government or anyone??? The CI recipient has to bear the entire costs.
And remember how we raised money the last time?? Well, we still have to return them first..

When the discussion came up for the Second CI, we were torn . We want to get the second CI for Aarav.
We know that is what we want for Aarav. Aarav needs two ears.
The question is how can we make it possible.. and so soon?

The plans we chalked out for raising money, possible sell offs, loans, other options.. were rather brutal to a long term survival... Unwise. Reckless. Full of risk.
What could we now sell to raise money??
What would be the correct decision??

What would be the wise decision? One that would hold the whole framework of our lives still together, slightly battered, slightly torn but still enough to sustain??
Would we see the decision soon?? Would it come to us??

More sleepless nights and disturbed minds ....
I am going to take a break from blogging to clear my head.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

An evening in the park..

We got the AB Neptune on the 17th August..
And the very next day Aarav and I went to the park to play.. WITH the Neptune of course..

Aarav wore the Neptune outside for the first time.
To celebrate the event.. Aarav and I decided to go green ..
Or Neptune's Lime Green!!

No, thats not him..
This is Aarav.
The Neptune was worn it in the lanyard.
I also learned why the lanyard is not suitable for everyday use for a bouncy naughty boy like Aarav.

And he confirmed my fears when Aarav decided to come down the slide and the Neptune was in between him and the slide. Ouch!!!
But he was much careful than I expected him to be.
Neptune survived unscathed.

Aarav also made a new friend.
Even got her to
share her swing by asking her to scoot over again.

Of course, It was hard to convince Aarav when she wanted to share Aarav's photo space.
But I insisted that he share, so then he had to changed his mind.
And showed her the camera.

And then they both posed for the camera..

I had a different experience on that day in the park..
There were a few other kids too playing and Aarav went to join them and played with them for a while.
As the Neptune was visible the kids got curious. This is the discussion that ensued.

Kid 1 - What is he wearing?
Kid 2 - Its a torch. (Neptune's green indicator lights were blinking when we spoke!!)

Kid 1 - But its bright here. Why is he wearing a torch?
Kid 2 - Because it will become dark at night, so.

I - Its not a torch. Its his hearing machine.
Kid 1 - Hearing machine? What is a hearing machine?
I - It helps him hear nice sounds.
Kid 1 - What nice sounds?
I - Sounds like music and birds. The machine is special for him. It helps him hear these sounds.

Kid 1 - (amused and interested... mostly jealous..) Can I also try and hear from the machine once? I want to wear it and see what I hear..

I - I don't think we can do that... Its pasted to his head, see?? It can be removed only when he sleeps.

Kid 1 - Oh. ok. Bye. Momeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy

(And then she ran to her mom to explain Aarav's magical hearing machine that helped him hear birds and music.)

Kids have such pure beautiful minds!!!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Terrific Tuesday - 14 weeks

Terrific Tuesday - 14 weeks old!!

Well the list is at 6 today :)

1 - Aarav DOES hear his EEs...
One of these days I swear the boy is going to get grounded just for being biased to his therapist and running around and being a brat when I try to get him to identify his ling sounds.. 
I just need to wait till he understands what being grounded is.
See how paranoid he made me??!! I suspected everything from myself to the device to the hours we put in to help him hear.. Everything..
He had me worried.
And today at the speech therapy session, he DID hear all his lings well. And repeated too!!
(I am so happy we had the session today.. I was almost at the point of pulling my hair out!!)

I L.O.V.E. our therapist. She is one of the best people we have met! She knows EXACTLY how to get Aarav to respond..

Today I truly felt like the therapy session is not just for Aarav's benefit, but for ours too!!!
It helps us to understand Aarav's progress and what he is still lacking in...
Which brings me to point two...
2 - Aarav  Kaustubh and I, need to work harder on Word Association...
Till now, all Aarav knows is
Bhu bhu (doggie),
Baba (for Kaustubh),
Baaay (byebye),
Bas (sit),
Up Up (stand up/ up the stairs)
Sarak (move - scoot over give me place to sit)
zhop / Gai Gai (sleep now / lullaby)
and a few more..

I was given a list last session of what all I need to get Aarav to practice. And the practice was not done as much as was required.

(I take the blame.. I gave a few mundane household tasks like cooking and few more blah, a higher priority over his listening sessions...
I never realized this even with Kaustubh telling me the same time and again.. but now its about time to take a check ..
I mean Jui?? Ever heard about a "Take a parcel home" service that eateries provide?? Seriously woman.. get your head on right? The listening sessions are IMPORTANT... More important than anything, all right?)
Sigh. I just wish I would have realized this a bit sooner (or listened to Kaustubh instead of being all 'wifey'- I mean really listened and not just nodded) than waiting for a few weeks of play session loss.
Its hard to earn back lost time..

Anyway. I now need to go back to having an hour long daily evening play sessions with Aarav to learn all our animal sounds and help Aarav being able to identify them well.
I have the list and the schedule will start IMMEDIATELY.
3 - Any changes in the Map may affect responses...
We spoke to our Audiologist today regarding Aarav's changes seen in his responses post-PSP and the new Neptune Map.
She explained, whenever there are any mapping changes, the CI user needs some time to adjust to the new map, and in Aarav's case not just the map but the processor also changed!!
So give him some time, she said..

Now that he has adjusted to the new Neptune map he is back to responding to his name again!!

4 - Aarav and his BAbbling!!
I also asked our Speech Therapist, about why Aarav keeps on repeating only BA at all times..
It is in fact because of the novelty of the new syllable!! (again Whev!!)

Aarav is now at the Babbling stage of speech development, wherein he is babbling a lot and exploring his own voice.
And "Ba" is his very first syllable!!
Kids sometimes get stuck on syllables for some time before progressing on to the next..
So when Aarav will learn a new syllable like Ma, Da etc, then he will repeat a lot of that new one..

Then later in development will come the combinations of these syllables.. like bama, dada, gama etc and so on...
That would be complete gibberish but a language of his own..

Then as he grows out of that jabberwocky stage.... the actual word forming will start...
This will take time.. but the process has already started!!
5 - Water Play with the Neptune!!
This Saturday, I set up an elaborate play tub with all of Aarav's toys and we played in the water WITH the Neptune on him.
The photos are in the camera... waiting to be able to carve out time to upload them in the computer... very soon, very very soon I will have a post on that too..

6 - Trike riding in the building car park..
For the first time, Aarav was allowed to take his bike for a ride in the parking. He did want to be just like Daddy and take the trike on the main road but as I was present, only the car parking area was allowed.

He rode around the parking for a few rounds..

And when I was not looking even tried a few stunts like riding up an almost vertical mound that could topple him over...
Trying to hit the main gate with the trike to push it open (I have to remind Kaustubh to not do that around him anymore.. )

And Trike Parallel parking.

After which he decided that the trike was parked and should not be moved. So we left it unprotected in the parking (!!!! :-O ) and Aarav took me out for a walk..

Much to my relief, it remained in the parked spot when we were back !!!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Where did EE go??

Today is one of those days when I am really confused whether Aarav is in fact able to hear all lings or not!!???!!

(Yes after all the checks and tests done after the Neptune change.. Still I feel a bit skeptical about it and I hope I am wrong and Aarav is still just adjusting to the processor change)

All he now says is "Ba" and then there are patterns of "Ba" that resemble words..
It is true that he is babbling more, and checking his voice at different volumes as well..

But why only the syllable "Ba"??

I was a bit worried about this from last week, so finally this Saturday I made him sit and I made him repeat all the lings - like in actual structured therapy.

He repeated AA, OO and MM very accurately. Then was able to identify SS and SH and even tried to repeat it quite well. But I suspect that "EE" is out completely.

He hears it, but he repeats AA.

He makes the EE face , but he repeats AA.

It is frustrating, as I feel we just took a step backwards.

Oh and one more?!? He makes the facial expression for all the lings but everything has a "Ba" somewhere in the repeatition.

Is this correct? Should I be suspecting the new Neptune map?
Or is it the novelty of the newly learned syllable "Ba" that is making him use it so much??

If its in fact the Neptune map, then maybe I can check Aarav's reactions to the lings by using the PSP again? I am going to do this today evening.
(After days of worrying, this idea came to me, yesterday night at 3 am. Aaarghh. Some timing to have a smart idea...)

Tomorrow, we have therapy again, after a week long break.
I'll be bringing this up for sure.

I don't know about anyone else's reacotions to missing therapy.... but, I have missed our therapist tremendously in the last week.
It feels so much better to have her seeing Aarav at least once a week. She would know instantly if something is different..
It feels a little derailed to miss even a single therapy appointment any day...

Waiting for tomorrow now...

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