Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ten on Tuesday!! - 13 weeks old!!

I know !! I know!! I missed a post on last tuesday when Aarav's hearing age was 12 weeks old.. but there was too much going on.. Honest!!
So just to give you all real time updates, I added dates in today's post...

1 - Clarity of babble is better
Friday, August 17, 2012

Aarav is babbling better.. his babbles now resemble the word he means.. its not clear.. but we can guess..

Though all he now says are patterns evolving from the syllable "Ba".
Ba bay = bye bye
Baba = Dad
Ba Ba Ba = Up up up...
Baa-aaa = Sampla / gela = finished /gone
And so on.. you see?

There are a few negatives though, He responds a bit differently to being called now.. I mean, earlier he used to run to us ever time we called out his name, now we have to call a few times over to get his attention and the "running-to-us" parthas changed a bit.

Hmm.. Is the map different? or has the boy grown bored to responding every time?? hmmm...
I don't think it is the map... But I guess I will monitor for longer..

2 - A full day of fun..
Monday, August 20, 2012

I had a office holiday on Monday on account of Id but Kaustubh had to work. Aarav's daycare too had holiday.
So Aarav and I got to spend some quality time alone with each other..

We started our day as usual with the routine breakfast and after breakfast Kaustubh sneaked out and went to work.

Aarav is so used to going to Daycare in the mornings that even if I dint say anything about going out, he picked up his shoes from the shoe rack, wore them (yes yes on his own!!!!!) and then picked up the keys and said bye to me.
He would have left if he was tall enough to unlatch the main door...
I thought kids dont do that till college, do they?!??

Later in the day I brought out the crayons and Aarav and I did a bit of scribbling and sketching.
The little man is fun to do art work with, till he keeps the stationary out of his mouth and off his body...

I am able to get quite a lot of work done if I give Aarav my mobile and let him play the android apps. But he does not seem to eager to play the same old ones now.
I think I need a few new applications soon, he knows all of them by now and is bored.

3 - Fever cough and cold...
Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aarav seemed to be having a mild cough for a few days, but it grew a bit worse on Tuesday. Wednesday morning, he woke up at 4:00-4:30 am and had fever up to 100.5 C.

Aarav's fevers give me the chills..

Cough, sneezy-nose cold, runny-nosecold, blocked-nose cold, bad tummy, loss of appetite, hits, cuts, bruises,falls, bumps, needles, medicines.. alllllll are fine.. but fever??

I am scared of fever.
Aarav changes during fever.
What a full moon does to a were-wolf, Fever does the same to Aarav.

Howling, crying, loss of appetite, clingyannoyed depressed look, all crazy behaviour included.
The poor kid tires himself out becauseof it..

So I took leave on Wednesday and took him straight to a doctor. It turned out to be just a seasonal infection. The doctor gave him a few medicines and we were back to being naughty again.
Aarav wont be getting in the water forsome time though.. Just need to be 150% sure that the fever is not going to be back!!

4 - On seeing a dog..
Friday, August 24, 2012

He now knows that Bhu-Bhu = dog. And he says Bhu-bhu on seeing dogs too…

Aarav is fascinated by dogs.. We hada pet when he was 8-9 mnths old, a roadside mongrel, but the cutest calmestdog ever, so Aarav is not afraid of dogs anymore. 

When we moved to our current residence, he believed that any roadside dog would be just the same as our pet one..and so now when I ever let him walk and we see a dog, he pretty much ranafter the dog to catch and pet it..

And the poor dog used to run away faster as he would terrified to see the little man running to him with open arms...
And the man's Mommy running behind the little man with open arms and a scared expression..
A funny moment for onlookers..

So now, if I see a dog, I hold on to Aarav and just make the tch-tch noises to call the dog's attention.. 

By now, he has understood that no matter what I am not going to let him pet the dog.
So instead of running after the dog, yesterday, Aarav just squatted on his feet, and made the same hand gesture and sound to call the dog's attention.
He even mimicked the lip-sound!

5 - Boys will be Boys!!
Friday, August 24, 2012

We had a get-together at my Aunts home and all my family was present.
Aarav now gets comfortable with everyone very fast and very easily. Everyone is given equal time, but once all have had their share, Aarav now chooses his favorite person to spend the rest of the time with. Today it was my brother Nihar. Nihar is 12 and was the youngest in the group apart from Aarav himself. Aarav and Nihar just instantly clicked!!

Aarav followed Nihar around all the time, mimicking every action.
When Nihar sat on one of the big chairs, Aarav ran to his side and sat on the one beside him.

Now the scary part was that he sat EXACTLY like Nihar too!!

Aarav wanted to sit on the big chair like Nihar up to the point where with he even had his legs hanging down,which means his behind was on the rim of he chair and he basically could crash on the floor at even a sneeze!!

Kaustubh and I, have now realized that the only way to stop Aarav from crashing and banging into things, is to put him in a straight jacket and lock him into a padded cell.
But we couldn't get the jacket in his size.. So we just watched on.

But my Mom is still too new to Aarav's ever-increasing antics that she was frightened when she saw him..

A super-shrill-scared Mom, "Ooohhhhmaaay Gaaawd!! Looooook at him sit like that!!! Juieeeee!!! You know whatwill happen if he sits like that, Jui??"

Jui, (too matter of factly), "Not much mom, He'll probably just slip and fall with a thud on the floor!!"

And Thud!!
Even before I finished saying, Aaravdid just that.

I still dint budge. I was about to be declared the Worst-mom of the century, but Aarav got up, brushed off his knees, climbed the same chair, and sat EXACTLY like before AGAIN!!!

Jui, "Yes Mom, you were saying?!!"
Mom was too stumped to continue complaining!! She started laughing!!

Boys will be boys!!

6 - Happy Birthday Mom!!
Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Mom's birthday was on this Saturday.We are planning to go to Hadshi, a nice serene spot a few kms ahead of Mulshi, Pune.
Mom loves the outdoors, and we wanted her enjoy.

I was happy for Aarav too as maybe that day on the outing I would finally let Aarav enjoy rains..

But thankfully, there was no rain on our picnic day. Especially, since Aarav just got out of a fever episode.. I'll post few pictures of the day soon though!!

7 - Running and jumping!!
Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aarav walks and jumps both well now.His jump is a real jump now albeit a tiny one but progress still!!!
He runs now and with precision maneuverability.

8 - Finally a haircut!!
Sunday, August 26, 2012

His long glorious mane has been cut..He now looks like a boy.. (yes, any new people we met, were referring to Aarav as a girl!!!)
We were planning to do a photoshoot of Aarav but I guess we will now need to wait for his locks to grow back to give him that Supermodel look that he used to have …

Maybe just do a water photo shoot now?

9 - On falling asleep..
Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our night time schedule involved reading a book, putting his toys in bed and patting them to sleep and then patting him to sleep.

Last night, when Aarav refused to fall asleep even on the routine and singing and patting and all the works, I thought, I would bore him to sleep then..
So I pretended that I had slept.
Aarav watched me and rolled around for some time, got up and went to wake up his Buddy Monkey.
Then he "babbled" to him as if to sing a lullaby and then patted him to sleep again.. then cradled him close by and slept with Buddy in his arms...
All the while the magnets were off!!

9.5 - The Neptune Dry kit..
(why 9.5? No special reason, I had an extra point today and there had to be only 10 in the list. So.)
(still not convinced?? Its my blog. 9.5 because I say so. There. haah)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Every night I have to dismantle theNeptune and put it in the Dryer.. All the pieces come off and go in thedryer kit for overnight dehydration..
Aarav's Left ear's
Phonak Naida S 3 Hearing aid joins the Neptune for the night now and all get completely dehydrated the next morning... Its good to put those two in together instead of separate dry kits. Much easier for me!

That reminds me, I will have to order the Dry Brick in a few weeks, this one should work for another month and a half, but looking at the delays the import Customs guys did the last time (Our Neptune was stuck for customs clearance for over a month..!!), I better order and keep a bulk of dry bricks ready...

10 - The MasterChef series
Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aarav now pretends to make tea, right from scratch.
He pretends to wash the needed utensils and the cups. Then he lights his play-stove.
Puts on the utensils, waits for it to boil, then picks the hot Tea-utensil with a real pair of tongs,and uses the real sieve to pour the pretend tea in the real Cup and then serves it hot!!

The only fake part in the entire above process is the tea and the stove.
Rest all he needs it to be the ones we use in our kitchen.

And now a pic... Just because I want to share :-D

Aarav.. when he was 9-10 months old..

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  1. "He runs now and with precision maneuverability"- you make him sound like he is a car or something .. :) .. nice post btw .. :) ..


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