Thursday, 23 August 2012

Of going into hiding...

Life has become so incredibly hectic that sometimes I wish it was possible to go into hiding, just to get some time for myself.
In gangsta words - "Underground ho jana hai"

No mobile.
No sms.
No mms.
No calls.
No 'where are you's..
No computer.
No internet.
No Facebook pokes and notifications.
No gmail.
No whatsapp.
no viber.

Nothing at all.

Just off the radar.

Some quiet time with family. Peaceful.. No disturbance..

No one will know where we are..

And just when that thought came and I was relishing the idea of peaceful isolation, Aarav took my mobile and switched it on.

He opened my contacts list, opened 'Send Mms attachment' and clicked away, sending a few dozen pics to random contact members.

I think 90% of people in my contact lists have till now received missed calls, blank calls, random garbage messages and blank messages.

But now they will also start receiving pictures of Aarav's feet, us sitting at home in our old shabby pajamas, and a lot more amusing pics....

  So much for going underground.. hah.

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