Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What did we bring home today!!??

Aarav goes to the daycare 5 days a week for most part of the day. Every night his daycare bag has to filled up with a small tiffin of his favourite fruits (which changes every alternate day), his milk protein jar, his diary, medicines, his hearing aid box and CI box and extra batteries, clothes-normal daycare and playgroup, diapers and shoes. (whev!!!)

Usually this task comes to me, but there are few golden days when Aarav want to play with me instead of his dad, so I get to off load this (and some other work too) on daddy dearest (and what a lovely day it is!!! These are official moments when I can dump more work on him than usual and play with Aarav :-D A double delight!!)

This bag filling also has a prerequisite task, I have to check that he hasn't brought home stuff that belongs to someone else...
(ok., Dad can't do this. He wants to but can't. Not his fault, a sock is a sock and whether Aarav's or somebody else's its still a sock, so that item in the checklist is done no matter what...)

Being the only baby in our family, Aarav is never compelled to share anything at home. Its all belongs to him and we are not that into his stuff so sharing is mostly restricted to cleaning up or washing it..

It is not that he does not share.. The boy even alternates morsels of food between us and himself when eating.. but good habits should to be reinforced right? So we try to repeat that in every possible thing.
Apart from a few absolutely-non-sharable things like Cadbury Gems, his favorite toy of the day, he shares everything.

He makes us share bites of everything he eats.

He makes his dad and uncle sit and ride his trike..
Mind you, the trike is 1/10th Dad's height and he looks picturesque on it, especially as he cant actually sit but has to walk spider-legged over the trike while Aarav pushes it.
(I encourage this sharing - its very interesting to watch :D )

As of now, his potty seat has never been used for the actual use of it, its just another chair. (uummm Thank god??!!) He makes us sit on that too just to share!!

Aarav! That makes us wish we dint teach you to share!!

But then again, in the daycare, there are lots of kids and we do want Aarav to learn to share.
Though, with all kids sharing stuff there is always something that he forgets or worse, brings home extra....

Back to last night-

I emptied his Daycare bag.
Clothes - all his own only. --------- Check.
Milk container- Protein jar. --------- Check
Hearing aid kit---------- Check.
battery---------- Check.
Milk container - --------- Check.
toys - none today ---------- Check.
School books---------- Check.
wash clothes- --------- Check..
fruit box --------- Check..
other random checks---------- Ok..

Bag done.

Good Aarav did not bring home anything new today.

Then we started playing.

After quite a few days of playing with cars and picture boards and dinosaurs, out came the doll.
LOVE!! Aarav is not allowed dolls (more because if Kaustubh says yes, there will be hundreds of them.. so its more of a no-no for me :-D And I still got him 1 big and 3-4 kiddie dolls :-D )

So we dressed her and powdered her and combed her. Every thing we do has commentary and then I show the Doll's dress and then Aarav's shirt, her eyes and Aarav's eyes and so on.

During this play, I ran the comb through the doll's hair, then Aarav's hair and he through mine. We usually take such turns tell him and we repeat this play a lot.

After some time, I pleated the doll's hair, and then pretended to pleat Aarav's hair... He used the same comb did the same to me..

So I brushed through his hair, made partitions... He used the same comb and did mine..

Then I kept the comb down and tickled his head.. He LOVED it.. His expression was like of a dog getting his belly rubbed.

And then I saw!!


He DID bring something home today!!


And Aarav was still combing my hair. With the same comb!!

Aaargh.. Aaaaaargh.. Aaaaaaaaaargh..

Btw, Kaustubh now promotes this sharing and the use of dolls as well.. :-O
(To those who don't know, Kaustubh sports the bald look :-D )

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