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Ten on Tuesday-7 weeks old


Ten on Tuesday-7 weeks old

The good -
1 - The Ugly Ducking...
We have established an almost regular night time routine. After Aarav has had his dinner and is in his night dress, he first likes to blow off all his energy by jumping, banging, falling and running around on the bed.
(He is not allowed free reign due to his implant, and we forbid any physical daredevil stunts as much as we can). So when the magnets are off and the beds are made (basically I create a padded cell with cushions on the walls on which he can bounce off), he grabs that opportunity to the fullest.

Laughing, giggling, jumping, pillow fighting, hide and seek, catch the parent, jump on the parent, piggyback rides and all the rowdy physical play possible.

And then finally, huffing and puffing, when all the steam has been blown off, we settle down to read his night time story. Its the sweetest cuddle time I get. We look through the book and describe pictures. And instead of me reading it to him, he reads it to me. (He has heard me read it a number of times and when his magnets are off its his turn to read to me)

We always pick "Ugly duckling".
We bought this book in January, it was Aarav's first story book.

When we came to know of his hearing situation, it felt like a cruel ironic joke.

Now that its been a few weeks since Aarav is vocalising, we strongly believe that no matter what we go through today, no matter how anyone feels today, this little different-abled duckling is in fact going to grow into a beautiful graceful swan.

Guess it makes more sense now.
And Aarav proves this every single time

2 - Which brings me to the next good thing of the week.
A documentary is being planned for kids who have had a CI. I don't know the details yet, but the KEM team is so sure of Aarav's graph, that they have nominated him first, and then told us that he's going to be in it.
Who wants to be a regular duck now??
Swans are much much much better.

3 - We are now saying our prayers everyday.
Kaustubh is the good boy amongst us two. He is the one that says his prayers regularly and Aarav sees him pray everytime.
Now, Aarav makes me sit in front of god, and with folded hands makes me say my prayers too.
He loves applying 'tilak' on the idols and himself and us, and then folds his hands and closes his eyes to say his prayers.

4 - We are now trying to teach him to recognize people by names..
Just started 'baba' for daddy for now. He is just saying babababa, but it is so incredibly satisfying.
One little drop at a time.

5 - Words of the week.
De (give)
De (come)
Up up up = for up the stairs, for stand up
aa-aa = jo jo which is sleep
Bhu-bhu = doggie
Aaaa = the airplane

And few more but they are just grunts. We think he understands a bit more than we know.. but will update when I am sure.

The bad :
1 - Nightmares / Night tremors
Aarav now a days gets up in the middle of the night and cries. its difficult to comfort him without picking him up which eventually wakes him. We suspected nightmares or dreams of some sort, because there is no other reason to explain his random cry-sessions.

From Babycenter-
If your toddler wakes up whimpering in the middle of the night, try to find out why her sleep is being interrupted She may be having a bout of night terrors. Once she has calmed down enough to hear you, you could sing her some old-fashioned lullabies.

sigh. sigh. sigh.
Singing in our case is of no use, All I can do is cuddle him and hum with his arm touching me so that he may be comforted by the vibrations of my humming.
Its difficult though, not just for him, but for us as well.. 
Hope this phase passes soon.

2 - Tantrums
Ooh yes. They are here.
I won't call them tantrums, that is not the right word.
What happens now, is that he is grunt for everything. And when he gets excited about something his grunts speed up and get even more muffled. And he expects us to understand everything, the very first time.

So basically this is what happens.
Aarav is pointing, gesturing, grunting, running around to explain to us say 'X'.

 We cannot make heads or tails of it. So assuming its 'y', we act accordingly.

Aarav gives few more grunts to explain again, again he points and gestures and so on.
Again we assume maybe its 'z'.

He tries again and so do we.

And then he reaches a point when out of frustration he gets mad at us and then even if we do understand his 'X', he is beyond the point of return and is already annoyed enough to continue with the tantrum..
Well we dint understand him, did we..? :-(

3 - Picky food eating habits
A major constituent of Aarav's food pyramid is fruits. He can eat fruits- any fruit, any quantity, any time.
The rest of the food groups are tomatoes (yes, yes, its a fruit I know, apparently so does Aarav).
So if we want him to eat any thing else, it has to be disguised as a pretty morsel, or play "eene meene minie mo" and then give him the lucky morsel. Or play who ate this piece and blame his animals.
Its a long process :-)

4 - I have no time for the blog.
There are so many things to write! I have over 7 draft posts. sigh.

5 - My blogs now will look unformatted, dry and lenthy :( .
Sometimes there are too many things to write and not enough time. I blog from my cell phone and then do the final touches on the comp, but now that I have 7-8 half baked ready blogs not yet being published, I may just post from the mobile as is - without formatting and take care of the formatting part later when time permits.
I dont want to miss out on any updates.. they are more impotant than the look of the blog post. :)

Ok.. I am done for now!!!

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