Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Three on Tuesday - 9 weeks old

1-Aarav is now saying "baba" to call Kaustubh. Its more like babababa, and similar is babababa for bye-bye. But he uses both at the right place in the correct way.
More words in the making now.

2-We have been instructed by our therapist to make him understand the sound-toy pair and to make him associate the sounds to the respective toys.
Aarav now is correctly recognising and says the following-

Bhu bhu - dog

Shhh - sleepy baby

What he says here for sh is all air out his lips but he is trying to copy correctly, means he has heard it correct.

Baba - for Kaustubh

Ba ba - for bye-bye.

Do note the space between Baba and ba ba. He uses it. He knows that they are to be used as different words.

3 - A new mapping is to be done this week. The current map was done a month back.
Just a touch up needed I guess

Three this Tuesday and a pic :-)

This was when Aarav was learning to stand up...

Thursday, 26 July 2012

The hospital waiting room...


Our visits to KEM are frequent nowadays as Aarav is undergoing aggressive speech therapy. There are also other reasons for our hospital visits, we go to meet his surgeon and her team for every sneeze, to his audiologist for his device, sometimes there are sessions to educate us and keep up to speed regarding these topics and so on..
Usually there is less hustle-bustle in KEM in the mornings, but on weekends we see quite a lot of people like us.

One kid with CI, two siblings with CI. Kids with syndromes that affect hearing and sight and so on, autism, blindness, mental retardation and so many more that I don't even know the names of.

We 'normal' people with our 'normal' lives makes problems for ourselves and then cry about it.
Are these problems really problems?
Or are we being too demanding of the Almighty, who has already given us more than enough?
Are we not being ungrateful?

One look at these kids is enough to make you realize how easy our lives have been.
There are so many problems that these kids have to face!! So many struggles and so many hardships.
Every single day in every thing they do is an extra effort, something that we take for granted.

It is a different world out there. It makes you realize the real truths of life and puts other opinions in perspective.

Parents, in spite of these problems, are 'happy' for even the smallest, tiniest of developments. They celebrate these little joys that parents of normal hearing kids take for granted.
Such happiness is infectious. It warms the heart and brings tears.

"She looks at me when I call her"

"He walks now on his own"

"See!! She put her magnet back on all by herself"

"Stop talking, Will you??"

All being said by CI parents is a pleasure to hear..
You don't need to know one another, but all the feelings are conveyed with a smile.

The waiting room is a experience that dissolves all differences. Caste, color, age, sex, religion, education, social standing, financial status.
Nothing matters.

The hospital waiting room humbles you.

Being the parent of a differently-abled child is definitely not easy. It has its pains and no one else but yourself to wear those pricky painful shoes every darn day.

But are my shoes biting really that bad? Well, maybe not.

I find myself being grateful that our problem at least came with a solution, and the lord blessed us with family, friends, our office colleges and good doctors who helped and supported and stood by us strongly.

"Thank you" is a feeble word.
I owe everything to those who supported us during this time.


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What did we bring home today!!??

Aarav goes to the daycare 5 days a week for most part of the day. Every night his daycare bag has to filled up with a small tiffin of his favourite fruits (which changes every alternate day), his milk protein jar, his diary, medicines, his hearing aid box and CI box and extra batteries, clothes-normal daycare and playgroup, diapers and shoes. (whev!!!)

Usually this task comes to me, but there are few golden days when Aarav want to play with me instead of his dad, so I get to off load this (and some other work too) on daddy dearest (and what a lovely day it is!!! These are official moments when I can dump more work on him than usual and play with Aarav :-D A double delight!!)

This bag filling also has a prerequisite task, I have to check that he hasn't brought home stuff that belongs to someone else...
(ok., Dad can't do this. He wants to but can't. Not his fault, a sock is a sock and whether Aarav's or somebody else's its still a sock, so that item in the checklist is done no matter what...)

Being the only baby in our family, Aarav is never compelled to share anything at home. Its all belongs to him and we are not that into his stuff so sharing is mostly restricted to cleaning up or washing it..

It is not that he does not share.. The boy even alternates morsels of food between us and himself when eating.. but good habits should to be reinforced right? So we try to repeat that in every possible thing.
Apart from a few absolutely-non-sharable things like Cadbury Gems, his favorite toy of the day, he shares everything.

He makes us share bites of everything he eats.

He makes his dad and uncle sit and ride his trike..
Mind you, the trike is 1/10th Dad's height and he looks picturesque on it, especially as he cant actually sit but has to walk spider-legged over the trike while Aarav pushes it.
(I encourage this sharing - its very interesting to watch :D )

As of now, his potty seat has never been used for the actual use of it, its just another chair. (uummm Thank god??!!) He makes us sit on that too just to share!!

Aarav! That makes us wish we dint teach you to share!!

But then again, in the daycare, there are lots of kids and we do want Aarav to learn to share.
Though, with all kids sharing stuff there is always something that he forgets or worse, brings home extra....

Back to last night-

I emptied his Daycare bag.
Clothes - all his own only. --------- Check.
Milk container- Protein jar. --------- Check
Hearing aid kit---------- Check.
battery---------- Check.
Milk container - --------- Check.
toys - none today ---------- Check.
School books---------- Check.
wash clothes- --------- Check..
fruit box --------- Check..
other random checks---------- Ok..

Bag done.

Good Aarav did not bring home anything new today.

Then we started playing.

After quite a few days of playing with cars and picture boards and dinosaurs, out came the doll.
LOVE!! Aarav is not allowed dolls (more because if Kaustubh says yes, there will be hundreds of them.. so its more of a no-no for me :-D And I still got him 1 big and 3-4 kiddie dolls :-D )

So we dressed her and powdered her and combed her. Every thing we do has commentary and then I show the Doll's dress and then Aarav's shirt, her eyes and Aarav's eyes and so on.

During this play, I ran the comb through the doll's hair, then Aarav's hair and he through mine. We usually take such turns tell him and we repeat this play a lot.

After some time, I pleated the doll's hair, and then pretended to pleat Aarav's hair... He used the same comb did the same to me..

So I brushed through his hair, made partitions... He used the same comb and did mine..

Then I kept the comb down and tickled his head.. He LOVED it.. His expression was like of a dog getting his belly rubbed.

And then I saw!!


He DID bring something home today!!


And Aarav was still combing my hair. With the same comb!!

Aaargh.. Aaaaaargh.. Aaaaaaaaaargh..

Btw, Kaustubh now promotes this sharing and the use of dolls as well.. :-O
(To those who don't know, Kaustubh sports the bald look :-D )

Two on Tuesday - 8 weeks old

1 - Today Aarav had a special guest for his therapy session.
Minnie Vaid, film maker, Author, a multifaceted personality came to see Aarav's therapy session to see his progress.
Remember I told you about the documentary movie being planned?? 
She will be making this documentary. She will be coming home on the 28th...

My little rockstar will now really be a Movie Star!!! Yay!!!

2 - The waiting room of KEM has a slide, a trampoline, and a see-saw to keep kids entertained when waiting for their turn.
As we go to KEM so many times, and Aarav gets to play every single time, Aarav now thinks the play area is his 'turf' and now 'shares' his playthings with other less-frequent kids who come.

Corollary to the above is, that, he makes other kids share it with him even if they were playing from before we came, or even if they are elder or bigger to him.

This 6-7 year old kid was 'instructed' by Aarav to "can you shift or move a bit,eh?? I also want to play!'
He is not afraid at all. The big boy had to move to give Aarav his space.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Step Up - Aarav's second home!!!

When we shifted into our new home in Kothrud, we had to change Aarav's day-care arrangements as well. He had been going to a "Palnaghar" (run by a lady at her home as a part time business) since 4 months of age and when we moved he was over a year old and had started understanding and choosing people.

We saw quite a few palnaghars and day-cares in the same area. The home based system has a lot of flaws, 7-8 kids to one caretaker ratio, home food cooked at 6am, reheated and given for full day.
This was not what we wanted anymore. So we looked out for a professional daycare system. But the ones we saw were too professional !!!

We wanted Aarav to retain his individuality and not become a slave to rules and do's and dont's and at the same time, we wanted him to learn to follow a routine that would help inculcate good behavior.
We thought it was impossible to find this combination of professionalism regarding hygiene, timeliness, basic child-care rules and still the love and care and freedom like he gets at home.

A tussle it was!

But when we visited Step Up Daycare at Kothrud, and saw the daycare facilities and met the team, we knew that this is exactly what we wanted for Aarav.
It was due to Step up Team that the daycare transition for Aarav was very smooth .

The professionalism and consistency regarding daycare schedules, food, holidays, medicine is really really good. We, as parents, usually want to monitor the kind of behavior our kids are exposed to, and even if my baby goes to a daycare , I want them to be just as soft spoken and nicely behaved as he would be if staying at home. The maids and the bai's are loving and caring and don't make him feel like he is in a daycare.
In fact, Aarav even has bonded with one of his Tais so well, that asks for her to be there to feed him and when he wakes up!! That itself speaks volumes!!

My husband and I, we have full time jobs and Aarav is in the daycare for 8-9 hours daily - 5 days a week.
To help us know about Aarav's daily schedule, Step up team share his daily schedule with us in a notebook, every single day, and every tiny minute detail is recorded perfectly. They even share his antics and mischief in the book!!
That little notebook is one of the best things that Step Up has been doing for us. We read it religiously every single day and will be keeping that book as a souvenir..

Another good thing is that, all the holidays are planned well in advance. There are no surprises there at all.. So we can also plan our schedules according to Aarav's holidays.

Coughs and colds and fevers and other illnesses were also handled very tactfully. Medicines were always given on time. They also ensure that there are no sick kids in the daycare who could pass on their illnesses to others and at the same time any kids recovering from any illness (who are not infectious but not fully well) are also cared for with extra care and attention.
So whenever Aarav needs to be given medicines, his afternoon dosages are given in the daycare. his medicines are always given and never missed.
We are never worried.

Step Up also has a lot of celebrations and activities for the kids to take part in.
Last month was Palkhi, and the kids were dressed up in traditional Indian wear and they walked and carried the Palkhi while singing the Palkhi songs!!
Last December, there was a Christmas celebration and Santa came to visit Step Up.
These precious celebrations are learning moments that a stay-at-home kid might have missed!!

Last but not the least, Step Up has proved to be one of the best decisions we have taken especially during the recent few months. Handling a CI kid is not as easy as a normal kid, the processor needs to be taken care of, the hearing aid needs to be taken care of and Aarav himself needs extra care.
Words are just not enough to thank the Step Up team, it was due to these guys that the last few months have been a lot simpler.
They took the extra effort to understand how the processor is to be used, the do's and dont's and precautions.
That is a LOT of effort and no other people could have done what StepUp team has done for Aarav and us..
They speak to him regularly and take interest and help monitor his progress.
Step Up team has played a major role in helping Aarav rehabilitate in the hearing world. A blessing they have been!
I could go on and on... But to summarize, we simply don't have to worry about Aarav when he is at Step Up..
It is now his second home.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ten on Tuesday-7 weeks old


Ten on Tuesday-7 weeks old

The good -
1 - The Ugly Ducking...
We have established an almost regular night time routine. After Aarav has had his dinner and is in his night dress, he first likes to blow off all his energy by jumping, banging, falling and running around on the bed.
(He is not allowed free reign due to his implant, and we forbid any physical daredevil stunts as much as we can). So when the magnets are off and the beds are made (basically I create a padded cell with cushions on the walls on which he can bounce off), he grabs that opportunity to the fullest.

Laughing, giggling, jumping, pillow fighting, hide and seek, catch the parent, jump on the parent, piggyback rides and all the rowdy physical play possible.

And then finally, huffing and puffing, when all the steam has been blown off, we settle down to read his night time story. Its the sweetest cuddle time I get. We look through the book and describe pictures. And instead of me reading it to him, he reads it to me. (He has heard me read it a number of times and when his magnets are off its his turn to read to me)

We always pick "Ugly duckling".
We bought this book in January, it was Aarav's first story book.

When we came to know of his hearing situation, it felt like a cruel ironic joke.

Now that its been a few weeks since Aarav is vocalising, we strongly believe that no matter what we go through today, no matter how anyone feels today, this little different-abled duckling is in fact going to grow into a beautiful graceful swan.

Guess it makes more sense now.
And Aarav proves this every single time

2 - Which brings me to the next good thing of the week.
A documentary is being planned for kids who have had a CI. I don't know the details yet, but the KEM team is so sure of Aarav's graph, that they have nominated him first, and then told us that he's going to be in it.
Who wants to be a regular duck now??
Swans are much much much better.

3 - We are now saying our prayers everyday.
Kaustubh is the good boy amongst us two. He is the one that says his prayers regularly and Aarav sees him pray everytime.
Now, Aarav makes me sit in front of god, and with folded hands makes me say my prayers too.
He loves applying 'tilak' on the idols and himself and us, and then folds his hands and closes his eyes to say his prayers.

4 - We are now trying to teach him to recognize people by names..
Just started 'baba' for daddy for now. He is just saying babababa, but it is so incredibly satisfying.
One little drop at a time.

5 - Words of the week.
De (give)
De (come)
Up up up = for up the stairs, for stand up
aa-aa = jo jo which is sleep
Bhu-bhu = doggie
Aaaa = the airplane

And few more but they are just grunts. We think he understands a bit more than we know.. but will update when I am sure.

The bad :
1 - Nightmares / Night tremors
Aarav now a days gets up in the middle of the night and cries. its difficult to comfort him without picking him up which eventually wakes him. We suspected nightmares or dreams of some sort, because there is no other reason to explain his random cry-sessions.

From Babycenter-
If your toddler wakes up whimpering in the middle of the night, try to find out why her sleep is being interrupted She may be having a bout of night terrors. Once she has calmed down enough to hear you, you could sing her some old-fashioned lullabies.

sigh. sigh. sigh.
Singing in our case is of no use, All I can do is cuddle him and hum with his arm touching me so that he may be comforted by the vibrations of my humming.
Its difficult though, not just for him, but for us as well.. 
Hope this phase passes soon.

2 - Tantrums
Ooh yes. They are here.
I won't call them tantrums, that is not the right word.
What happens now, is that he is grunt for everything. And when he gets excited about something his grunts speed up and get even more muffled. And he expects us to understand everything, the very first time.

So basically this is what happens.
Aarav is pointing, gesturing, grunting, running around to explain to us say 'X'.

 We cannot make heads or tails of it. So assuming its 'y', we act accordingly.

Aarav gives few more grunts to explain again, again he points and gestures and so on.
Again we assume maybe its 'z'.

He tries again and so do we.

And then he reaches a point when out of frustration he gets mad at us and then even if we do understand his 'X', he is beyond the point of return and is already annoyed enough to continue with the tantrum..
Well we dint understand him, did we..? :-(

3 - Picky food eating habits
A major constituent of Aarav's food pyramid is fruits. He can eat fruits- any fruit, any quantity, any time.
The rest of the food groups are tomatoes (yes, yes, its a fruit I know, apparently so does Aarav).
So if we want him to eat any thing else, it has to be disguised as a pretty morsel, or play "eene meene minie mo" and then give him the lucky morsel. Or play who ate this piece and blame his animals.
Its a long process :-)

4 - I have no time for the blog.
There are so many things to write! I have over 7 draft posts. sigh.

5 - My blogs now will look unformatted, dry and lenthy :( .
Sometimes there are too many things to write and not enough time. I blog from my cell phone and then do the final touches on the comp, but now that I have 7-8 half baked ready blogs not yet being published, I may just post from the mobile as is - without formatting and take care of the formatting part later when time permits.
I dont want to miss out on any updates.. they are more impotant than the look of the blog post. :)

Ok.. I am done for now!!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ten on Tuesday - 6 weeks old

Ten on Tuesday
6 weeks since switch on.
1 - Everytime I put on the magnet, he himselfs starts saying "AAAA" now to perform his listening checks.

2 - We are seeing a huge change in his personality since the switch on.
The mild meek mannered Aarav, who was bit of a push over, has now learned to voice his opinions!! Literally. He stands up for himself. Argues (all in gestures and grunts still) and makes his point heard. He is not a push over anymore, in fact he is now fighting, playing, interacting with all.
He's learning to be one of the kids now.
My little baby is now growing up!!!

3 - He now uses "De" (give) sign and voice liberally.. Babbling is definitely on the rise and he vcalises frequently, and even on demand now.  

4 - Aarav is mimicking sounds, not consonants yet, but basically tries to copy and repeat the intonations and sound patterns.
He now knows and identifies few words like 'bye-bye' and 'Up'. There are more, but I am not sure if he understands them by the gesture involved or by listening.
(up and byebye are event asociated - like when keeping a toy away or when someone leaving.. but he listens and knows them well.)

5 - He is running very well now!!! We waited for sooo long for him to start walking that now this development is a lot of fun to watch. (a few scary events too have happened, but he was fine much before we were. So all is good.)

6 - He is even trying to jump!! Still not completely successful.. He just stoops down, tries to launch himself up and then stands straight.. in a rather funny way, because the actual "jump" part is still missing. Its like a push up, just funnier.

7 - He knows and sings the nursery rhyme..
Rolly Polly Rolly Polly
Up Up Up
Rolly Polly Rolly Polly
Down Down Down
Rolly Polly Rolly Polly
In In In
Rolly Polly Rolly Polly
Out Out Out
So everytime I start the rhyme action, he completes it. His favourite is Up up and in in clap, where he holds our hands and makes us clap!!!

8 - He knows the cooker whistle too well now. He identifies it and also shows us that the cooker whistled by coming into the kitchen and pointing or staring.

9 - He has started showing us that he heard by putting his hands on his ears now.

10 - The little dare devil keeps scaring us now. Yesterday he rode his bike up the bed (aargh why?). Obviously gravity was not impressed and the bike toppled over, on top of him barely missing his nose. Thankfully his head hit the soft side of the carpet.
I think I may need to put bubble wrap on him soon.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Night under the Street lights!!

Blog date : 03rd to 04-June-2012
Star cast : Aarav, in the lead role.

Supporting actors, Mom and Dad.
Guest appearance Rahul Uncle.
Location : The bedroom, The Car and the roads of Pune City.

This midnight story is the result of Aarav refusing to sleep anywhere indoors.

The Story:
The sunny Tuesday morning started at 7:00 IST. Aarav, Kaustubh and I went to KEM hospital for Aarav's speech therapy. Once the therapy was done, Kaustubh dropped Aarav in the daycare and went to office. And I took a rickshaw directly to my office from the hospital. Usually with all the running around to do, Tuesdays are very tiring days.

Came evening, Kaustubh picked Aarav up and went home.
I, on the other hand had to visit a few doctors, two fingers of my right hand have very recently opened up, literally, and the skin shrinks, dries and bleeds ever time I have anything to do near water.
To help out with Aarav and to spend time with him, my Mom had come over as I was at the doctors and Kaustubh had to work.

Sitting in the doctor's waiting room.
Tring trinngggg.
Mya aaj nai yete, Lonavlyat adaklie pausat. (I am not coming today; I am in lonavala blahblahblah not coming today)

Aaaargh!! Maid not coming? So I have to go home and cook today with a blood splattered right hand?!?

The doctor's appointment took time and thankfully my bloody hand was nothing more than an allergy. (Whev!!)
Apparently "Bartan ka sabun" (the utensils soap) disagrees with my skin and the skin simply dissolves ever time I wash utensils, leaving behind direct contact with the veins and thus the blood. A gruesome spectacle to see.

Home, and really tired.
After having spent absolutely no time that evening with me or Kaustubh, Aarav wanted time with us.
He was in a good mood and wanted to play with me. We did the ling sounds, and other general chatting.
After I had called a few hours back to tell of the unplanned leave of my maid, My Mom had cooked and fed Aarav, so he was full. (Thank you Mom!!). One mouth full. 3 more to go.

Aarav still wanted to play and there were no traces of sleep. (After all Daddy still hadn’t completed his time with Aarav yet right? While till then, I was a walking zombie and the cooking was still to be done!!). Though after a big poop, I was scared of a big blowout, so I forcefully picked him up to get him washed, changed and in bed.

Kaustubh too was tired and he had planned to eat and sleep immediately. So he quickly finished his work and scampered out of the room assuming we are in the main room so that he could finish off eating at least before he met Aarav.


And their paths crossed... when Aarav saw Daddy. And wailed out to him as if he they hadn’t met for years!!

We met exactly at that mood moment where I was the cruel evil witch who was about to make Aarav do something he dint want to and Daddy dearest was there to save him, and Aarav began to cry his complaint-cry.

Your baby's call removes all tiredness, doesn’t it??!!
Kaustubh lovingly come close to him....

But the overpowering strength of the after-effects-of-the-last-snack in his diaper made him recoil. Mid way to picking Aarav up he stopped and handed him back to me and said "Better clean and change him, then I'll play with him".

Insult!! Daddy dint pick me, Mommy tortures me!!

That is when the crying started.

The volume of a child's cry is directly logarithmically proportional to the summation of what he wants and how much the parents don’t want to comply.

  Aarav's scale derived from Mommy+Daddy experience -

  I want junk food
  cry volume 0.5
  I want that xyz
  cry volume 1
  I want to go out
  cry volume 2
  I want to play now
  cry volume 2
  I don’t want to go to daycare today
  cry volume 4
  I do not want to be fed now
  cry volume 7
  I do not want to sleep now
  cry volume 8
  I do not want to be cleaned now
  cry volume 8
  I do not want to be dressed now
  cry volume 8
  I want my Daddy not Mommy
  cry volume 10
  I don’t want to be alone
  cry volume 10

Aarav's demand for today was clear, I do not want to be cleaned or dressed or made to sleep. I want my daddy to play with me or take me out right now.

So by the list above,
C + D + G + H + I + J, the volume of Aarav's cry by now was: 38
And with his magnets off, he couldn’t hear himself scream and was perfectly fine with it all.

I am used to this type of crying (more importantly needed to get the poop out or it would mean more cleaning work for me), so I persisted on and cleaned him up and clothed him. All the while Aarav was still screaming bloody murder.
I quickly finished my job, and before his screams could puncture my ear drums, handed him over to Kaustubh. Now that Aarav had been rescued from me, the crying reduced and he clung on to him like a little infant monkey.

By now Aarav was in a sleepy state but still dint want to sleep. He was keen on getting his wish granted. And by crying for so long he had already aggravated that blocked nose of his and unnecessarily felt feverish and started looked unwell. I gave him Perinorm and Daddy rocked him to sleep.

Aarav seems to have an internal gyroscope that is working even when he is asleep. Every time Kaustubh tried to put him in bed he woke up and cried to be walked again.

A poor tired Kaustubh desperately needed to rest his legs, suggested we take him for car ride. That usually puts him in deep sleep. We barely hit the road, and Aarav was asleep again!!
Bliss, pure bliss.
To make sure that he is in fact really sleeping well, we stayed in the car for half an hour extra.

Apparently, keeping snotty baby in the upright car seat made him sleep better, so we decided to take the car seat in the bedroom.

We went back home and put Aarav in the car seat on the bed. The gyroscope dint go off, Aarav cuddled up and fell asleep. (Finally!!)
Cooking dinner had been completely forgotten. Thankfully, Rahul, my brother-in-law had already ordered pizza and the three of us hungrily devoured it...

We were about to finish, when we heard Aarav's cry at volume 48.
Oh Shit, he knows it’s not the car!!

He hadn’t forgotten my earlier cruelty to him and again wanted Daddy, and again poor daddy had to walk him to sleep. There went the next half hour.

Kaustubh by now was drop-dead tired and his legs were in P-A-I-N! So he asked me if I could walk him for some time. I took Aarav and barely walked a few feet when Aarav woke up, saw me, looked at Kaustubh and agaaaaaaain the entire cry-cycle began....

Was something paining somewhere??
The ear? The nose? His tummy because of the heavy calorie sweet?

I gave him Combiflam (which added on two points on my cruelty counter and 5 good ones on Kaustubh's daddy-love counter when he saved him from me again)

Kaustubh was fuming stares at me because I wasn’t walking him and he realllly needed to take a break (which I too agree but its not like a wife to agree immediately especially when angry over something else); I was reciprocating same back because Aarav wanted him over me and that’s not what any mom wants…
Levels of irritation were growing HIGH!!

To solve it all we decided to go out in the car again.

The second the cool breeze brushed through Aarav's hair, He woke up and was so happy to see the car again!! And he came back to me to allow Kaustubh to take the wheel!!
(Yay from Dad and Mom both!!)

Oh shit. The car seat is in the house!!

So then, I sat in the backseat and Aarav sat on my lap, and we started the car and within minutes, Aarav was asleep. The fear of stopping the car and waking the baby was so high that Kaustubh kept driving on.

Finally at 3:30 am, we decided to park and relax.

Silence and the cool breeze relaxes the senses and all the petty squabbles Kaustubh and I had melted away.
We decided to rest by stopping the car for some time, also to check if Aarav understands that the car has stopped. So even if he does wake up, all we need to do is to drive again.

After 10 minutes of staring at Aarav, he dint budge.
We decided its best to get some sleep. Kaustubh pushed back his car seat and tried to catch a nap... he twisted and turned and kept stealing stares at Aarav through teeny eyes at every movement he did, but when I yelled, he quietly settled down to get some rest.
Within minutes, he was asleep.

Being an incredible insomniac, I couldn’t sleep all. And with Aarav on my lap, I dint dare to move to get comfortable at all!!

The car was parked on the side of the main Kothrud road. I started staring out the half open window and tried to think about boring things to put myself to sleep.

The road is so wide at this hour.
There are 7-8-11-13-16, 16 potholes in total on this road. Probably more after the rains.
I mentally drove my bike on that road and missed every pothole. How cool if I could do that in real life!!

The rain feels good on the windshield. It is 4 drops per 7 seconds.

Ah look!! Its full moon today! So beautiful!!
If today was Christmas, I would have seen Santa flying across the moon, like in the cartoons.
Oh! Full moon makes Werewolves?! Would there be any werewolves in Pune?

Aaaaargh!! Who is that howling?

Oh. Just stray dogs.
Oh. Well. At least the dogs are being romantic at this hour.

Hmm... in twilight, those two vampires were jumping on trees.
I am being silly. Vampires and Werewolves don’t exist. And if they dare to come here and wake up Aarav, his super powered screeching volume will be an antidote and they will be "were-wolves". Ha-ha.

That was sooo lame Jui!! L-A-M-E.

lame same tame came game dame.

I am bored. I cant sleep.

If I wake up Kaustubh, what would we chat about?!

Noooo..... I scolded him to sleep. Cant do that now... Ignore.

Foot Cramp! Big cramp! ouch ouch ouch ouch... Aaaaaaauuuuucccchhh.

That’s what it must be like to be stuck in Jurassic park with Velociraptors looking for you. I have the same fear right now. If I move and Aarav wakes up, the Raptor in the front seat will bite my head off. Aargh my leg is dying.

Maybe I'll move just an inch.

ummm... ummmm... almost there...

Oh no! no no No NO !!

Aarav moved and wanted nothing to do with my lap anymore. So he tried to crawl off!! In the backseat of the car, with the drivers seat all down, He wanted to go sleep alone. So in that little space left he stood on the floor and laid flat on the back seat. And thankfully, he slept again.

And I crunched up and pushed myself in the car door. (Good. The car seat was not present, there was no place left for me to winzip more.)
Shit. I. am. fat.

Now what? How long like this.

What time is it? Maybe 4:00 am now.

Oh! The police midnight rounds should start anytime now.

Why do the cops bother? They should give us their red light. With the number of rounds of the city we have done tonight, I am sure the theft count is going to be nil.

Hmm... What if the cops think we are the thieves and come to see what we are doing?
Will the media also be interested?
If they catch us before 4:30 we could be today's news in the newspaper delivered in 8 more hours!!

What news would it be?

KAUSTUBH !!!! G E T . U P.


We must go home!!


Whrooooooomm and we were back in the garage in 10 minutes...

Now the difficult part. Taking the sleeping Aarav back to bed.
Aarav sleeping in the car

One should let sleeping babies lie....

But being the loving mommy that I am, I definitely dint want to leave him in the car alone, so tried to pick him up and take him home two storeys up, all the while Aarav was asleep but STRUGGLING to crawl at full speed and kicking himself out of my grasp.

I put him in the bed in the next 5 minutes and the lights were put out.

But what about the gyroscope!!?? Aarav woke up again.
(Terror!!! Fear!! We stared at him with petrified eyes!!)
He looked at us but was probably too sleepy from the car ride, looked around, closed his eyes and slept.

He slept!! He is asleep!! Miracle!! Thank god!!
Peace and quiet.

It was 5:30am and finally all three of us slept.

Epilogue :
What an eventful night it was. By the time we woke up next day it was 8:30am. And Aarav had finally forgiven me so all was good. We took him to the doctor, got him checked up and it was probably due to the cold causing a headache. Gave him the medicines and he's much better now. Peace and quiet returns back.

Hopefully this movie will not have a part 2.

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