Monday, 18 June 2012

A Month after surgery..


Today, it has been a month since the surgery and 2 weeks, 2 days since the switch on.
This last month has been way too fast and my thoughts have been way too cluttered to blog anything.
An emotional roller coaster if you will... I dint think it was smart to blog during the lows and I would end up rambling superlatives during the highs.. And I really don't remember any sane mood moments...
So finally today, after summoning up my lost writing streak, here goes...

After completing a whole month, I realized that I HAVE to blog else I'll be risking missing out on the little joys (and cries) of this month.
But to de-clutter my brain, so that I can start writing my blog has been difficult for some time now... so I am going to borrow a few common blogging styles..!!

Ten things to be happy about ….

1 - Aarav had no issues during, immediately after, and few weeks after the surgery. I had read that there may be headaches and nausea and facial nerve issues if anything went wrong with the surgery.

But Aarav has had good post-surgery health and the scars have healed perfectly well...
A big Big BIG thanks to our surgeon and her team.

2 - Our Audiologist gave us realistic expectations of what would happen at the moment of the Switch on.
Aarav may cry, may get scared, may cling to you, may not react at all...

So when the switch on was done, we were ready for tears... But Aarav dint do any of the above!

He blushed!!! He kept looking at the audiologist and every time she gave him "beeps" (the electrode switch on creates such sounds), on the machine, he looked at her and blushed pink, as if to say "I know you did that, dint you?"
That was a really happy day!

3 - After the switch on, Aarav could hear loud sounds.
Not all... just few ones. And it was a bit difficult to tell whether what he heard was due to the vibration of the sound source or the actual sound. So we had a lot of confusing responses.

Two days after the switch on, on the 31st May, Aarav and I were in the kitchen, I had just put on the rice cooker on the burner.

I was carrying Aarav, and we were watching the cooker whistle...
1 whistle - No reaction - 2 - no reaction - 3 - no reaction - 4 - no reaction... (Sigh, 2 more and the rice is done; time to turn off the burner...)

So we turned to the water filter and Aarav got busy filling pots and glasses with water.

He was still less than a meter away from the cooker, and it whistled again...
Aarav turned his head, with full force to look at the cooker... And watched the cooker whistle again and again and again!!

He heard!!! He heard it!!!

The rice ended up being soft as a paste as I kept the cooker whistling on for 10-14 whistles.
He heard it and it was totally worth it.
The cooker whistles for longer in our house now.

4- When Aarav started crawling and sitting up, we bought him a play chair. It made squeaky noises when he sat and got up.

It was not his favorite. Well for him, it was just a cushioned red chair right?

Last week, I wanted to take his ling sounds practice, so to make him sit in one place, I put him in the chair.


Aarav was puzzled. What was different?
He got up to investigate.


He heard it!!!

After 8 months of having that chair, Aarav finally understood why we got that chair and he found it interesting!!!

And then each and every place where one can sit, the bed, the floor, pillow, another plastic chair and my lap was tested for squeaks.

5-Very soon my next door neighbors will be heard complaining due to noise. Aarav has started banging every possible object to see if it makes a sound.
(Eagerly waiting for people to complain :-):-) )
All utensils have found a new home in Aarav's play toys.

6-We are seeing a rise in the vocalization that Aarav now does.
He grunts and signs to communicate. These grunts were rare-to-zero before the switch on, now he uses them more often.
His grunts come for 'de' (give), 'bhu-bhu' (doggie). And then occasionally for bye, gone, no.
It is a beginning.

7 - I usually check his responses to the 6 ling sounds at home, and his therapist checks in his therapy session.
These are his responses.
aa - Responds very well.
oo - Not sure
ee - Not sure
mm - Not sure
ss - Not at all
sh - Not at all...

This will probably need a new map... I am not sure. It will be decided when we meet with his Audiologist coming Tuesday.

8- Aarav has started going to daycare for 6 hours daily which he seems to like. He enjoys playing with other kids his age.
Kaustubh and I, we have mixed feelings on this. The daycare is fantastic, that is not the issue. But after Insurance companies refused to pay, and with borrowed resources, two salaries have become inevitable.
But that is another topic and a long bitter one. A blog on this maybe a few years later.. or not.

9-My Mom had gifted Aarav an Alphabet board set. The alphabets come off and you have to fix it in the correct place again.
We were expecting that in a month half the alphabets would be either broken or misplaced.
I mean, come on. How would a 1.3 year old kid know the alphabet?
In three months, Aarav has practiced these and kept them very neatly.
This the snap from a few weeks back...

The latest situation is that Aarav now knows all the alphabets and can place them in their respective holes perfectly. In fact, he is even teases us by trying the C in G, or A in V and then looking at us to check if we are paying attention.

10- Life is still all hectic and chaotic, but now this madness has become routine. This is our new 'normal' and even though there are gloomy moments and unpleasant surprises, there is always a silver lining.
We have learned to like it.


  1. Point 3 almost made me mushy.. I am glad for you guys and Aarav. Lot of things waiting to happen :) God bless you guys ..

  2. :-) Thanks Mohit!! there are so many things happening now !! Its fun to watch him try to learn to hear..

  3. :-) Thanks Mohit!! there are so many things happening now !! Its fun to watch him try to learn to hear..

  4. So good to read this Juiiiii... I am so proud of you for being so strong throughout... Aarav is a bright child I must say...


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