Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Things I am happy about today!!!

1 - Cochlear Implants

Aarav has Bilateral Sensorineural Profound Hearing loss, meaning deaf in both ears, and a cochlear implant will be able to introduce him to the hearing world!! This is such an amazing technology!! 
To be able to give a deaf person the gift of ears, to help him hear like the rest is a miracle in itself!!
As Aarav is bilaterally deaf, we are wishing to get two implants for sure.. 
As of now we are waiting for the scans. We are praying that the scans are good and favourable... 

2 - My Support system - My Husband My family!! 

A whistle does not make a symphony. An orchestra does. 
I know what that means now. When you have the support of your loved ones; when they stand strong by your side; when they tell you that no matter what happens, everything is going to be ok, It makes a world of difference. It gives the strenght to get up, and take all the problems head-on!! 

3 - Great doctors! 

When you go to a hospital, you meet quite a few catagory of doctors and I am not talking in terms of the medical knowledge... 
I mean the other kind, that we, as patients experience. You know, the grumpy kind, the money-minded kind, the I-dont care-if-you-are-ill-you-are-not-the-first-one kind, and then there is the happy encouraging nice soft-spoken kind of doctor.
Thankfully for Aarav we seem to have met more of the last mentioned type of doctors.. The kind which is "Sensible-towards-patients" All doctors out there, dont get me wrong.. I respect you for your knowledge and skills immensely no matter what kind you fit in... But when I say sensible, I need to know that it is going to be ok even before you tell me that how bad the test results are!! 
Thankfully, We have met the good sesible loving kind!! Its a blessing! 
More on that soon... 

4 - The stress!! 

Because of all this worrying and thinking and sleepless nights I have lost ton of weight in the last one month.. I am now able to wear all my pre-pregnancy dresses (almost there!). Agreed, I may look tired and sleepy and black circles under my eyes ... but very soon when this news is a bit older and good things start happening again.. with lots of rest and yoga and good sleep I will get rid of the tired-look and hold on to the Slim and trim look!! 
Cant see the bad in that :) :) 

Now-a-days, I try to find things to be happy about. Anything that brings a smile.. 

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  1. I totally agree with the thought of yours about the doctors . :) tough to find the "humane" ones. Keep smiling.. !!


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