Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Introduction to my blog


My baby boy, Aarav has Bilateral Profound hearing loss, found out at 16 months old.. No one is my distant family has any hearing loss history. Aarav was born full term, healthy at 2.9kgs with an apgar of 9/10. No birth complications and none later. So in short, this was an unexpected painful rude shock..

After having found out about his hearing loss, I have gone through innumerable websites, wikis and encyclopedias.. But what helped me the most, was reading blogs written by parents who have been through the same situation..

Their experiences have given hope and reading about kids who have excelled using CI has been inspiring....

We are now slowly coming to terms with the situation... This blog follows Aarav's journey into the hearing world and our experiences in helping him start hearing...

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