Wednesday, 28 March 2012

An old diary entry...

This was a mail written by me to Aarav (Yes!! He too has accounts on gmail and Facebook- you can search for Aarav Shewale). Thought i would share it.. :-)
On Mar 14, 2012 11:06 AM
Things you did today!!

1-Scolded Granny.

You were sitting on the kitchen platform and were "cooking". My Mom came and she tried to pick you up and move you away from the burner to make tea.

And because you were practicing for Masterchef, you dint want to leave the kitchen platform, so what did you do??

You made a angry face, cringed your little eyebrows, dug in those tiny heels, and signed her a big 'No'!!!
And what was funnier? as she was new to the No sign, you repeated it till she got it! She was stumped.
Too funny.

We had to order a take home that day :-) :-P:-P

2-Pooped in the hall and crawled around in it.. Well, that explains most of it ...

Really Aarav, its not clay.
You should not play and more importantly not ask us to play..

2-Fell in the toilet pot.
This started with potty all over (i really mean ALL over). 
I took you to the toilet to clean you up.. 

After you were cleaned and washed, I stood near you & washed your clothes, threw them in the machine. All this time you stood by the water faucet, splashing water over me..

I probably looked away for a millisecond, &, god knows how, you fell into the toilet pot!!!!!!!

Of all the places to practice walking, you decided to select the wettest and riskiest floor tiles of the house.

I was scared and shivering when I picked you up and rushed you to the bedroom to check for bruises.

You did cry a bit but mostly because of my scared nervous expression.

Amazingly, even before I could recover from the shock, you had already stopped crying and had started crawling around naked!!!

My strong little funny baby!!!

4-Today I told about your hearing situation in the daycare.
They seemed ok and took it really well.

5-You are trying to walk now..
Just, please don't practice in the toilet and bathroom again...


This pic is from a long time back, this is when Aarav was a month old :-)

Things I am happy about today!!!

1 - Cochlear Implants

Aarav has Bilateral Sensorineural Profound Hearing loss, meaning deaf in both ears, and a cochlear implant will be able to introduce him to the hearing world!! This is such an amazing technology!! 
To be able to give a deaf person the gift of ears, to help him hear like the rest is a miracle in itself!!
As Aarav is bilaterally deaf, we are wishing to get two implants for sure.. 
As of now we are waiting for the scans. We are praying that the scans are good and favourable... 

2 - My Support system - My Husband My family!! 

A whistle does not make a symphony. An orchestra does. 
I know what that means now. When you have the support of your loved ones; when they stand strong by your side; when they tell you that no matter what happens, everything is going to be ok, It makes a world of difference. It gives the strenght to get up, and take all the problems head-on!! 

3 - Great doctors! 

When you go to a hospital, you meet quite a few catagory of doctors and I am not talking in terms of the medical knowledge... 
I mean the other kind, that we, as patients experience. You know, the grumpy kind, the money-minded kind, the I-dont care-if-you-are-ill-you-are-not-the-first-one kind, and then there is the happy encouraging nice soft-spoken kind of doctor.
Thankfully for Aarav we seem to have met more of the last mentioned type of doctors.. The kind which is "Sensible-towards-patients" All doctors out there, dont get me wrong.. I respect you for your knowledge and skills immensely no matter what kind you fit in... But when I say sensible, I need to know that it is going to be ok even before you tell me that how bad the test results are!! 
Thankfully, We have met the good sesible loving kind!! Its a blessing! 
More on that soon... 

4 - The stress!! 

Because of all this worrying and thinking and sleepless nights I have lost ton of weight in the last one month.. I am now able to wear all my pre-pregnancy dresses (almost there!). Agreed, I may look tired and sleepy and black circles under my eyes ... but very soon when this news is a bit older and good things start happening again.. with lots of rest and yoga and good sleep I will get rid of the tired-look and hold on to the Slim and trim look!! 
Cant see the bad in that :) :) 

Now-a-days, I try to find things to be happy about. Anything that brings a smile.. 

Introduction to my blog


My baby boy, Aarav has Bilateral Profound hearing loss, found out at 16 months old.. No one is my distant family has any hearing loss history. Aarav was born full term, healthy at 2.9kgs with an apgar of 9/10. No birth complications and none later. So in short, this was an unexpected painful rude shock..

After having found out about his hearing loss, I have gone through innumerable websites, wikis and encyclopedias.. But what helped me the most, was reading blogs written by parents who have been through the same situation..

Their experiences have given hope and reading about kids who have excelled using CI has been inspiring....

We are now slowly coming to terms with the situation... This blog follows Aarav's journey into the hearing world and our experiences in helping him start hearing...

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