Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Toddler vs Father - My Father's a Lion!!

Aarav likes to take reverse KTs frequently. This was one of the amusing ones when Kaustubh, Aarav and I were just about to call it a night.

Aarav, "Baba, king of the animals kon ahe?"
(Dad, who is the king of animals?)

Jui, "Aarav, Lion ahe. Tula mahitie na?"
(Aarav, It's a lion, don't you know this?)

Aarav dismissed me, "Nahi. Tu thamb. Baba sang, king of animals kon ahe?"
(No. You wait. Dad, you tell, who is the king of animals?)

Kaustubh obviously was not going to give a straight answer if he was being put through a test, "Mi ahe"
(It's me. I'm the king of animals.)

Aarav smirked and taunted, "Mag Tu ja ki janglat rahayla."
(Well then, Don't you belong in a Jungle?)

Happiness is??

I think this was the loudest unladylike snort of laughter I have had in ages.

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