Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Toddler vs Father - I cant see!!!

Aarav slept very late last night. Nothing special, he was just loitering about trying to ward off sleep. By the time we dragged him off to sleep he had bloodshot eyes and a grumpy face.

Obviously he was very sleepy today morning when K tried to wake him up.

K, "Aarav uth are sakali zhalie"
(Aarav get up, it is morning.)

Aarav, "hmmmmm" and tried to crawl under some pillows.

K, "Ooth Aarav!!"
(Wake up Aarav!!)

Aarav whined, "Uthloo" and then added, "Baba mala kahi disat nahie"
Aarav whined, "I'm awake" and then added, "Baba I can't see anything"

That was a scary statement. Our immediate reaction was to turn to look at him as soon as he said that ... And we couldn't help laughing later..

K, "Disat nahie Aarav, tar dole ughad na mag!!"
(Can't see? Open your eyes then Aarav.)

He was busy pretending to be awake with his eyes sealed shut !!

Happiness is?
Hilarious mornings!!

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