Wednesday, 15 June 2016

1st standard started!!

Aarav has started his 1st standard today!!! 

Today was his first day in school. What a lovely day!
The very first day of school!! It is a beautiful feeling.

New clothes, new bag, new books, new compass box, new stationary, new tiffin and water bottle new shoes.. Just the smell of a brand new notebooks makes me feel nostalgic.

Aarav got up early and was very excited about going to his New school! He ate in record time and spend 30 minutes trying to get his shoelaces knotted!! 

I took like a million photos till I dropped him.. and had to stopped when ho got bored of the paparazzi and walked off. 

He later told that school was a lot of fun! He had cup cakes school and watched cartoon movies.  The teachers are nice and helpful.
Looking forward to another great school year.

Happiness is ?
A great first day of school!!

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