Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tooth Fairy - The unplanned leave escalation..

In the last few days we are getting regular visits from our beloved Tooth Fairy. She makes sure to appreciate the fact that Aarav brushes his teeth diligently twice daily!!

Aarav too likes these nightly chits Tooth Fairy leaves for him daily. On this fateful day, however, the household scribe appointed by the Fairy was too tired and slept early without a note or a good comment.

Aarav did not take the absence well and immediately wrote a note back to ask an explanation of the unplanned leave!!

Good Luck Tooth Fairy, you just got your work cut out for you!!!! ;-)

(Hi I am Aarav Shewale. Why not you come? I brush my teeth today. Please come.
Aarav Shewale)

Happiness is?
Tooth Fairies having to sign Attendance sheets!!!

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