Monday, 24 August 2015

Object oriented Bribery!!!

Aarav loves vehicals. Especially cars. He is much more well versed with all the car brands and car names than I am. Whenever we are out for a ride, he is busy peeking out the window and naming out cars. A normal volume for a normal car and a super high volume for every super car seen.
He will put Justin Beiber fans to shame the moment they see him spot a Jaguar or a Porsce. He's that high pitched.

So last week when we bought a new printer, that was his first request. "Print me cars."

So we googled and put all nice cars in a doc file and printed him 22 cars, one of those is a Police BMW that he absolutely loves. He even told me that he now needs a bigger print. After the bigger print, he realised you cant play with a printout, so he said he wants a real one. :-O

So to get him a real one, we think it needs to be earned and not just gifted. So we told him that he needs to finish 20 pages writing first.

To keep track, this is the page we created. Aarav has written it all.. and the target to achieve as well :-)

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