Wednesday, 12 August 2015

AB misspelled it all!!

As a school requirement, we are required to label all of Aarav's belongings. So wrong labels are not accepted by Aarav anymore and the following happens.....

Aarav wears his Neptunes in the lanyard. While changing clothes today, Aarav suddenly remembered something about his Neptune pouch, so he held it up for me to see and told me, "Aai. He wrong ahe."
(Mom, this is wrong)

I said, "wrong kay?"
(What's wrong?)

Aarav, "Ikde AB asa lihilay. A A R A V asa havae. Mazha naav AB nahie. Aarav ahe na? Mhanun he wrong ahe. Tu he repair kar"
(It is written as AB here. My name is not AB. My name is AARAV. That's why this is wrong. You please repair this)

I couldn't help laughing, "ho, apan sangu tyanna wrong spelling takla ani correct spelling taka".
(Yes, we will tell them that they put the wrong spelling and we'll get it repaired.)

Happiness is...
Advanced Bionics should be named as AARAV and not AB!!!

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