Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Toddlers too like peace and quiet!!

Morning school routines are hectic. Wake up in time.. wake Aarav up.. Give him a bath.. wipe him down without turning the towel into a gaming zone...dress him up.. brush teeth.. comb.. socks shoes.. breakfast and wash up again .. tv .. daily instructions...
Quite hectic..
Kaustubh and I act fast and basically just let Aarav just stand there and we run around him like a pitstop.

Apparently its hectic for the little toddler as well who today morning gave me a piece of his mind.

When he was being unwrapped from the towel and had been pushed 3/4th into the shirt, he turned around, flexed his jaw and looked straight at me.... and said, "Mala jara don minta shanta basude ki tu. Kay karties asa"
(Can you please let me sit in peace for two minutes?? What behaviour is this!)

:-p lol. Couldn't help giggling.

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