Monday, 27 July 2015

Toddler vs Mother - July! Get out already!!

Aarav has been waiting for his birthday for way too long now. He hates the fact that a lot of people have their birthday before his. And others have their birthday after his also!

He dislikes this because then he has to clap more times the gets clapped for. He shares his dissapointment everytime when any of his friends come to school in colored dress for their birthday and he is stuck wearing the uniform. Painfully unfair for a toddler to tolerate.

So to explain how months work, we told him that it is July now, then August then September and then October and his birthday.
This was a few weeks back and he asks everyday, "Sampla ka July?" (Is July finished?)

Finally after hearing the same answer for weeks, he said to us last night.

Aarav, "Aai, mi na July la dhakklun denare."
(Mom, I am going to push July out now)

Me, "ka re?"
(But why?)

Aarav, "mala nahi avdat. Sarkha sarkha Julych yeto. Mhanun dhaklun denare."
(I dont like it. It keeps coming back.So I'll push it away)

Me, "ok. Mag kay hoil?"
(Ok. Then what will happen?)

Aarav, "May August yeil na. Mag August la pan dhakalun taknar. Mag September la pan dhakalun denar. Mag mazha October yeil!!! Mag mazha Happpy Birthday!!"
(Then August will come. Then I'll push August out. Then I'll push September also. And then my October will come and I'll have my happy birthday!!!)

The boy makes sense!!!
Haha!! This is pushing time out.. literally!!

Happiness is...
Logical problem solving.. !!


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  1. Wish we could all do that Aarav and only have the good days in our lives


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