Friday, 24 April 2015

What's that on your head?? Puneri Pagdi ka kay hi??

Bilateral CI surgery Lt ear.
Date T+4 after surgery.

After sitting at home for almost 10 days, Aarav wanted to go meet his daycare friends today.. partly out of sheer boredom, probably due to us being overly protective these few days and partly to show off his newly bought Cars. So we dropped him at his daycare and let him play and meet his friends. He enjoyed that little break a lot!!

Now remember folks, Aarav still has the Surgery bandage on his head. So at night we asked him about his experience with that..

I asked, "Aaj Nevaan kade kay kelas?"
(What did you do at Nevaan's today?.. Nevaan is his best friend in the daycare.)
Aarav said, "Khoop khelalo. Ani car khelalo. Ani fire engine khelalo. Ani pakada pakdi  khelalo"
(Played a lot. And played with car. And with fite engine. Ani we played chase and catch.)
Me, "Tula koni vicharla nai ka dokya var kay ahe"
(Did anyone ask you what's on your head)
Aarav, "naai vicharla"
(Dint ask.)
Me, "konich nahi vicharla?? Ajibat nai??"
(No one asked? None at all??)
Aarav thought for a sec and replied, "Om ni vicharla."
(Om asked. Om is another friend at the daycare)
Me, "ho ka, kay vicharla?"
(Really, what did he ask?)
Pointing to his head Aarav said, "he kay ahe asa"
(He asked, What is this, like that)
Quite intrigued I pushed on, "Mag tu kay sangitlas?"
(So then what did you tell?)
Aarav explained, "Mi bolalo ki te mazha helmet ahe mhanun."
(I told him that this is my Helmet)
Amazed and surprised at his reply, "helmet?? Mag to kay mhanla?"
(Helmet, so what did he say??)
Aarav, "Mag to mhanla ki 'accha barra' asa."
(So then he said 'oh okay' like that.)

We usually call his bandage a helmet as it looks like one or a 'Pagdi', the traditional Puneri headwear. Aarav too used the same name!!

Happiness is??

Puneri Pagdi maanachi!! The honorable Puneri Pagdi saves the day!!!

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