Sunday, 19 April 2015

Bilateral CI Surgery : Day T-1

It has been a long time since I wrote about this topic but it was always an important one for us. It took us just 3 months from knowing about the hearing loss to getting the first Cochlear implant surgery done. This time, however, it took us three full years.
Life does move faster and slower at the same time when you have big decisions to take...

The decision to go bilateral has finally been taken and we are in the process of implementing it now.

The preliminary procedures have all been done, the implant has been selected, the big date decided.. now to follow it through.

Sequential Bilateral Cochlear Implant Surgery for Left ear has been scheduled on date 20th April 2015.

We will be getting admitted to KEM tomorrow (or today since I am blogging at 12:55 am :-p) and the rest will follow..

No elaborate posts for the next few days, weeks, months.. just snippets for a memory.


Happiness is??

Finally Bilateral!!!

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