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Toddler vs Mother - Part 04 On being an insensitive bully Mother...

Date - 25/04/2014 10:15
Reminiscing a few old posts that never got posted.......
Aarav got mad at me yesterday. Now that's not new actually, its a normal emotion that we feel for each other very regularly.
But yesterday he got offended, hurt and mad. A deadly combination.

11:30 pm.
The boy really has a extra reserve of energy that he uses when we try to sleep. So he kept running around and jumping on the bed and me. While the bed is rather kind, I reacted a bit "human-like". 

When he kicked me one too many times, I caught hold of the tiny ping-pong ball of a human, held him in place, picked him up, brought him to bed and tucked him in. And told him to sleep.

Aarav looked at me with big puppy eyes, and then started sulking....

This is how it went.....

So then, I asked him, "kay zhala Aarav?? chidlas ka?"
(What happened Aarav, are you angry?)

Aarav teared up, "hmm."

Me, "ka chidlas bol. Kay zhala??"
(Why are you angry? What happened?)

Aarav was crying now.. with a lot of emotion thrown in...

I held him close and prompted him to speak, "Aarav bol. 'Aai....' "
(Aarav say it... "Aai..")

Aarav, "Aai wa kela. PakadlaUchala. Ani fekla." All with a demo...
(Aai scolded, caught, picked up and threw me away)

Awww.... my baby!! 
I did, but did not really think of it as I was to "catch you, pick you up and throw you!!"

Toddlers see the world differently.. Try their perspective someday...

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