Saturday, 28 March 2015

Toddler vs Mother - Part 03 How to make your point heard...

Date - 25/04/2014 10:15
Reminiscing a few old posts that never got posted.......
Aarav walked up to me and very shyly whispered, "Aai"

Usually we ask him to speak up and properly and loudly. And these whispered words were not in that category... Besides, I was a bit too busy watching the television so I dint reply..

Aarav, "Aaai"
Still on tv...

Aarav said a bit louder, "Aaaaaiieee"
Still nothing...

Aarav, "aaa Aaaai"
Grunted a 'hmm' but dint look at him..

Aarav, "A Jui"

Now that was intriguing, did he just call me by my name? So I looked at Aarav, "ho Aarav, kay?"

Aarav folded his hands and scrunched his tiny forehead in irritation, "Mala potty ali. Uth. tv nako baghu. Chal ooth."

Oh ok. Well it is extremely urgent then... lets go!!!

Pay attention!!

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