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Toddler vs Father - Part 01 On handling Disobedient Fathers...

Date - 13/05/2014 06:29
Reminiscing a few old posts that never got posted.......

Kaustubh was getting Aarav dressed up for playground activities today morning. Aarav on the other hand, was holding his brand new VW bus in one hand and clinging on to Kaustubh with the other and oblivious to what Kaustubh was asking him to do, watching television with extreme concentration.

Kaustubh, "Aarav, bus thev. Shirt ghal"

Kaustubh, "Aarav, aik are. Shirt ghal. Bus thev padel ti"

And then Kaustubh just pushed Aarav into the shirt. As predicted, when his hand came out of the shirt, the bus fell down.

Aarav, "Baba!! Sorry mhan. Bus padli".

Kaustubh, "Tu bus padlis, mi nai.Shirt ghal ata".

Aarav, "Nai. Tu bus padlis." And with extra dramatic effects, "Sorry mhaaan. Waa".

Jui, "kay zhala Aarav?"

Aarav turned to me with a big elaborate complaint, "Baba shirt aat. Ani baba ataa shirt mala aat. Bus thevli nai. Baba bus khali padli. Baba waa. Sorry mhan baba."
This is still not good enough. He with gestures clearly explained that while making him wear a shirt, Kaustubh dropped his bus.
I wish I could pour out my memories on video because that was absolutely brilliant!!

Complaints and more complaints from the little Toddler!!

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