Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Big boy now!!!

Aarav goes to school by the van. His van kaka comes and picks him up at 7:50 am for school and every morning we are competing to see whether Van kaka arrives first or if we reach the stop first. Aarav likes to make sure that we always win.
We walk down the apartment to the stop every morning and wait till Van kaka arrives.

Today morning we started from the house and midway I told him, "Wait, you have a cold, I'll go get you a hanky".

Aarav said, "tu mage mage ye mi thambto".
(You come after me, I'll wait)

I thought he would wait there in the stairs so I ran up and got the handkerchief. By the time I was out of the house I heard the van honking to announce their arrival. And so I ran.. I thought we'd be late.... but Aarav was not in the stairs where I left him. So I went straight ahead to the Van stop.

There he was. Waiting like always for the van. Waiting with his little hands in his pockets for the van, looked back and said, "Aai ye!! Van kaka ale!"
(Mom come! Van kaka has arrived!)

It still is such a mixed feeling! My little baby suddenly is a big boy now!!

Happiness is!!
Experiencing these little joys of life!!

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