Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Singing Nursery Rhymes...

Our therapist gives us weekly tasks and homework items to focus on..
Few days back she told us to practice one nursery rhyme per week, and then we will repeat it in therapy and see how much he has picked up by listening.
I started this exercise on Monday and as usual Aarav has surprised me !!!

This is the nursery rhyme he chose to sing... Can you guess it??

He seemed to have practiced this one in school. I just suggested the rhyme and he went on to complete it ... without any prompting at all!!!

There are other nursery rhymes that he knows as well, but they are broken or babbled..
This is the first complete one that makes real sense!!!
More to come soon :)


Hearing, memorizing and then "Singing" out nursery rhymes !!!
Nursery Rhyme
Johny johny? Yes papa?
Eating sugar? No papa.
Telling lies? No papa
Open your mouth! Ha ha ha!!

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