Sunday, 21 April 2013

you DO NOT touch my books anymore!!!

Aarav is a bit obsessive about his things being the way he wants them to be..
He has some sort of plan or order in his head when he does things..

He takes good care of his belongings. He even has a system for arranging them and caring for them.

For example, when he puts his cars away, he'll always 'park' them in a line and facing us.
They are actually correctly parallel parked.

He gives all his cars a tub bath with him.. That may not bode well for his remote-controlled-battery-powered-cars to go in water but they look clean..
And because washing and bathing does mean taking caring of.. I cant argue even there..

The little toddler LOVES his books. Picture books. Story books. Word books. Animal posters. Pictures from the newspaper.
All paper forms are accepted.

Aarav and I have been reading, well at least browsing through books regularly for months now.
He still does not have the patience for actually reading the book line after line, or reading a complete book at a time, but he does like to point out and tell what the pictures are doing.

When he turns through his books, he will make sure to hold each page so that it does not tear.
This obsessively neat behavioral development is not new. He has been the same for some time now.
But there have been times in the past that he did damage pages of his picture books by mistake.

Yesterday we started reading one of his older books.
This one had suffered a lot when Aarav was learning to walk, he used to try to walk while carrying the book and then regularly fell on it. There were a few pages off pulled out, a few tears here and there...
But the book was one of his first ones so I still kept it..

Aarav was sitting next to me and I was turning the pages and then we discussed each picture...
After 3-4 pages, I turned a page that was torn in the middle..
Wide eyed and surprised, Aarav promptly took the book out of my hand

He checked the book...
Went through the pages...
Traced the line where it was torn...
Tried to paste it and fix it magically by hand..
Then after all his attempts were in vain.. he looked at me with an expression of disdain.

You. You you you!!   
Look what you did!!

You tore my book!!

He made a face as if to say 'Shame on you!!'

And then showed me the page, and where 'I' tore it.

And then babbled some unintelligible low toned syllables and very seriously scolded me for mishandling his book!!!

And then took all the books out of my hands and kept them away!! Away from me that is.

I don't think he'll be letting me near his books any time soon.   


The little toddler has now learned to scold and 'deliver' excellent expressive babbles...
Communication is such a blessing!!

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