Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A slight tilt to the right please!!?

To ensure that Aarav does not damage the Neptune or the chord, I now take extra extra care of them both.

I put Aarav's Neptune in its protective pouch and then in the lanyard. And then I make him wear it like a necklace, pinned to his chest with a well fitted T-shirt.
The chord is strung through the lanyard loops and then pulled out exactly behind his head and then the magnet is connected to his head.
Usually when I dress him up, first goes the Neptune in its lanyard, then his fitted shirt to hold the device in place, then the rest of the clothes and then I put my hand in his shirt to adjust the length of the chord.
So only that part of the chord exposed, just long enough for the magnet to reach his head and some head movement but short enough so that Aarav does not fiddle with it.

A few weeks back, probably in a hurry, I think I went overboard with adjusting the chord's 'Perfect length'.
And this is how I found out....

We had gone for a family event and a lot of photos were being taken for the event.
Now, dear blog follower, you do know how much Aarav loves the camera...

I found Aarav looking out for any and every camera and posing for the camera with a tilted head.
"How did Aarav know of this famous posing style??"

This was the world famous 'Tilt-your-head-and-Grin-em-wide' style of posing!!
I wondered. Maybe he observed his cartoons really well... Or does he remember any of the 70ies heros from his last life?

A little tilt in the head gives pictures a really cute look right?!!

I wondered how Aarav knew of this photography trick.


And then when he turned I understood.

In my hurry, I pulled the end of the chord a bit too much!!!
And Aarav was not "posing".. He was holding his head in that awkward style to hang on to the magnet..!!! OUCH!!!

I saw that the chord was too tight and Aarav was holding his head in a tilt to avoid making the magnet fall for the entire time. :-P (oops)

My poor dear baby frog without any neck movement.

P.S. - To all you CI moms, when your CI kid roams around like a frog.. let him have his neck back!!! Loosen the chord!!!


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