Monday, 7 January 2013

Growl. Snarl. Hiss. Bite.

Almost everyday we come across people who believe that bionic ears are science fiction, part of what sci-fi movies are made up of.
So the questions and reactions we get to Aarav's Cochlear implants range from surprise to utter disbelief and then go on to wonderment and admiration..

Kaustubh and I have always been open to any questions regarding CIs.
We have absolutely no qualms about any questions people ask. Even if they are lengthy, detailed, accurate, or blunt and mildly irritating.

"Are you really sure he cant hear?"
No we are not.. But ain't a magnet sticking to his head a cool unique surgery to have?? Yes, yes, Aarav is profoundly deaf, which means .............

"But why does he have to wear it all his life??
Um, because Cochlear-Hair-Cell-Regeneration are not one of his super powers ... Yes, its no big deal. Its like a pair of glasses that he has to wear everyday now..

And so on and so forth.....
And then we get "Awww, how sad" ... "Awww, thats so bad" and so on.

Honestly, even if these questions are sometimes downright stupid and people shower us with unnecessary pseudo sympathies, they don't annoy or offend us anymore.
It is nice to know that people want to try and understand. And even if they understand 0.01% of what we try to tell, it is perfectly all-right ...
At least they will know how to behave around Aarav.
They ensure that their own kids keep all physical play contained when around Aarav. They themselves maintain a health distance near his head.
Even this result is beneficial to Aarav till he himself is able to guard his personal space.

Though, in spite of all the explaining done... there are always people who behave exactly like they are not supposed to...
Like on this Saturday.

Aarav was standing near me playing with his toy.
This lady who saw Aarav's magnet started the usual questions, "What is...  How is...  Really?? .... Amazing.. " and so on. She seemed genuinely interested and so I explained all her queries.

And then she asked, "But what happens when he sleeps, it must hurt.", "No, its a magnet and can be removed and reattached and we remove it every time when he sleeps."
And then without any further intimation.. she put her hand on Aarav's head and pulled the magnet off.
He looked up with an expression of confusion as to what happened with his ears..!!

Instinctively I pulled the magnet out of her hand and put it back on Aarav's head.

I felt like a declawed cat scratching against her skin. I could not bring out another word to her, even if it meant to explain what she did wrong!!
At least my involuntary growls and hisses were audible enough for her sense of self preservation to be invoked.
She understood that she had breached the basic laws of cordiality.

I picked Aarav up and walked away.

It is people like these who are ignorant about basic social behavior rules that really get on my nerves.
I mean, no matter what the topic of discussion is, you are not supposed to invade anyone's personal space.

You don't hang your drippy wet umbrella on a person's wheelchair. That is a clear violation of personal space and an insult as well.
That is exactly like him hanging his catheter bag on your garter.

No matter how amazed you are on seeing the magical properties of a magnet Aarav's cochlear implant device, pulling the magnet out to see how it sticks is simply not allowed.
Even if you are genuinely appreciating it.
It is equivalent to me appreciating your mini skirt and then lifting it up to my eyes to examine the fine weave.

No one likes such an invasion of privacy.
No one likes part of their body being touched or pulled out.
Aarav's cochlear implant device is part of his body, it is his personal space and even I ask his permission when I have to remove the magnet.

I may come across as rude, or blunt or aggressively-maniacally-frothing-at-the-mouth-crazy or whatever.
But if Aarav's personal space is violated, I will not like it.

So don't make me come and appreciate your skirt.
Because if it comes to that, I will do it.


  1. i am still taking my time to admire the skirt analogy .. don't worry, I won't go too far with my thoughts .. but definitely, a point well put forth :-)

    1. Hehe. Getting quite a few smiles with the skirt analogy.

      When the temper cools down later, thats when this will be funny read.
      To laugh your 'skirt' off would be appropriate!!
      Thanks for reading.


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