Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Two this Tuesday - 27 Weeks !!

1 - LA LA is here!!

All of us were worried as to why Aarav was stuck on "BA" syllable.
This Saturday we went for therapy, and for some magical reason Aarav suddenly started saying "La"
Yes!! Whev!!
Finally a new one!!

It is now Flower = La la. It sounds like Lowe.

Aarav is now repeating the rest of the words as well.
I don't need to hint him now to say his favorite words.

He says Rickshaw - "EE-aaa" every time we see an rickshaw. Its like a reflex action.
He also repeats these - Bus (baah), Dog (it still sounds like boo), Cat (aa its a Cat with C and T silent. Like an accent :D )

His word vocabulary has gone up pretty well.
Its like he is a sponge now. Everything I tell him, he now soaks it in.
Although he is a bit lazy, when it comes to speaking them out.

I have to squeeze it out of him. (and I don't mean metaphorically. I really do have to squeeze him till the words pop out!!)

2 - Advanced Bionics are the best !!

A few weeks back Aarav managed to damage the Aquamic's chord. We spoke to our Audiologist who took the matter to the AB guys.
As soon as they were informed, they sent a new chord to check the Aquamic and replaced the damaged one IMMEDIATELY!!

They also replaced Aarav's Neptune color case as well!!
So we are now back with all good working pieces!


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