Friday, 21 December 2012

Go Balalas!!


Aarav has now started using specific words to show and tell what he wants.

And he also says "Hava" *
So we have started asking him "What do you want?"

The replies are varied.
For water, he says something like 'Pa' with a sign of thumbs-up pointing to his mouth and then the kitchen.

For hunger, he signs and points to his mouth to say that he is hungry.
Then sometimes its Apple, Tv, Cycle, Ball etc etc etc.
Mostly the signs are accompanied with the babbled names.

But now, Aarav knows that I understand most of his babbles, so he just shoots off commands at me without bothering to sign or look at me.

If I am trying to feed him an extra morsel when he is full, he simply says Baa*
He wont even look at me or do the Baas sign now!

If he wants his favorite toy, he'll call out to it, "Abbi Abbi"* and expects the toy to come running at him.
"Ba baay"* is one that gives us the goose bumps. It means that whether we want to or not, Aarav is ready for a walk outside.
This is when the Teletubbies save us.

(Yes, we are horrible parents and sometimes resort to TV bribing, but a walk outside after 11:30 pm is not good for sanity.
We have been there before. We'd do anything to keep him in the house.)

Sometimes it is just irrelevant babble.
We cant tell what he really wants, so it is mostly trying out combinations of words we think he is saying; and figuring out the gestures if at all he does spare a few.

Now that his syllables are emerging, his new and existing words are being revamped.

So, what do you want??


No. Tell me what do you want to eat Aarav?


Ok. Lets watch tv. you want to see Teletubbies??


Sleepy? Ball? Mobile? Bath?


Umm?? What aaarrre you saying??

So, Aarav made a frustrated face, got up from his squeaky chair, stood facing me and said, " Aai, Up Up".


And made me follow him to the kitchen.


And took me to the fruit basket and then pointed, "Balala"







So LA is the now na.

Ok here you go.
Go Balalas!!

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