Sunday, 4 November 2012

AB Neptune Vs AB Platinum Sound Processor


We used the AB PSP from 29-May-2012 to 16-Aug-2012 and then we moved on to the AB Neptune from 17th Aug onwards..
So... As of today, it has been exactly 80 days each of PSP and Neptune!!
A quick experience feedback of both the PSP and the Neptune...

The first and biggest benefit that the Neptune has over the PSP is, its sleek small design.
Aarav's small body frame used to be overloaded with the PSP and the harness and the bulky size of it.

But the Neptune can simply be clipped onto his collar or he can wear it in the Lanyard. There are so many wearing options with the Neptune!

Aarav did not like wearing the harness, but with Neptune we have had no such problem!
The weight of Neptune is negligible as compared to the PSP.

Another benefit that makes Neptune better, is the Neptune Connect!!
With the PSP, Aarav would be able to remove the PSP cover and turn the dials on his own.
But without the Connect, there are no dials on the Neptune!!

As of now, we have only one program set on the Neptune, and we do not need the Connect as frequently.
Maybe in the future or during schooling, the addition of the FM system will mandate the use of the Neptune connect.
I am just hoping that Aarav understands by then that he is not supposed to touch the dial settings..
This makes the Neptune is almost Child Proof!!
I say 'almost' childproof because, Aarav can pull the cable chord out from the Neptune side. But that is the only proven mischief he has been able to do with the Neptune.

It was easier to let Aarav go out in the Rains or take a bath with the Neptune's Waterproof feature.
Aarav and Water have some sort of affinity for each other... They just seem to find each other somehow..
It reduced a lot of anxiety knowing that Aarav's Ears will still work if he decides to play "bath-time" with his glass of drinking water...
This was not possible with the PSP.

The color features of Neptune are very pretty, however not complementary as the PSP color caps.
These have to be separately procured.

As we have used both PSP and Neptune for a very short time, It is difficult to tell in detail the benefits of Autosound and ClearVoice of Neptune.
Aarav needs more hearing experience to be able to differentiate that accurately.
We might go back to the PSP once just to check if he feels the difference.
However as of now, hearing wise, both PSP and Neptune are at the same level for us.

In spite of the many plus points of Neptune, there is a big negative that we have seen.
Battery life of PSP was much better and Much much more predictable!!
With the PSP the batteries would last for almost 18-22 hours straight. So one battery would be enough for a day and a half. We never needed disposables!

Plus the design of PSP is such that the batteries indicate their charge status when in use as well as as during charging.

In case of Neptune, the batteries are drained much much faster.
What is worse, is that Neptune indicates that the battery is drained ONLY after it is completely drained!
There is no prior indication at all.

It is also not possible to understand whether a Rechargeable battery is fully charged.
So it becomes mandatory that we carry fully charged disposables at all times.
It might seem funny, but we now have separate packs of disposable batteries almost everywhere Aarav can be found.
In the car.
In the house.
At my mom's house.
At Aarav's daycare.
In my office bag.
In Kaustubh's bag.
And in our pockets if the bags are not taken!
Literally. Everywhere.

And in the rest of the places not named above, lie the other discarded batteries waiting for their destiny to be fullfilled by being used for the last few hours of their life in some electronic toy, tv remote or a wall clock..

These are over-the-counter-used-everywhere batteries, so it does make them easily available.
However, with such a short shelf life, it has become an hidden added expense that does not get accounted for.

The Rechargeable batteries last for approximately 10-12 hours and the disposables last anywhere between 12-15 hours.
If a battery is removed from the Neptune, it either goes directly to be charged again in case of a rechargeable or it has to be thrown away if its a disposable.
We cannot take a chance and reuse it again because of the worry about how long it will last.

Also changing the batteries is a big difficult for any new person due to its childproof design.
It was easier with the PSP.

(Aarav goes to the daycare for 8-10 hours a day, so we have to put in a full battery every morning. It is not sure who may be present to change his battery as this may not be the same person always.
Better a new battery than Aarav having to wait without sound!)

All being said, We still think that the decision to go for the Neptune was a smart one. Especially since Aarav's babbling has been much clearer with the Neptune. The size makes him comfortable and being waterproof gives him freedom. And the Connect gives me control over his hearing as well.

All in all, a good investment.

What more do we want!


  1. I think Jui you need to contact AB directly and let them know about the battery fiasco.Probably in a new design they would emulate the PSP.If it is your headache it must be the same for all Neptune users!!

  2. Yes Dad. They have been informed. In fact this was a feedback mail that was sent for AB's feedback purposes. I just added it here for the blog record.


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