Thursday, 25 October 2012

The last month's updates....

This is what happened in the last few weeks.

10-Sep-12 : Have you planned to get a second CI??
We went for therapy today and also got the Neptune mapping done.
This new map for Neptune is the first real map after the Neptune-switch on.
Our Audiologist explained to us the benefits of getting the second CI done soon.
In case the recipient is bilaterally implanted within a small time gap, then the brain adjusts and tunes both ears such that the responses from both become identical.
More here…

12-Sep-12 :
The Second CI
I read about the benefits of a second CI today. Again.
We see no demerits apart from the fact that the amount involved is a bit too high.
Aarav is not well today. Fever and cold.
He has not been well from 2 days actually. Today it just was a bit more than usual.
I took a leave from work and he is now suddenly his usual bubbly self!!
He did keep me busy all day. But it good to have time together.

13-Sep-12 : Neptune's price list.
As I had mentioned previously, we need Neptune's dry kit.
I received the price list today.
The prices are same as what we had expected, but seeing them in black and white makes quite a different impact.
The decision to go for a second CI is dwindling. Not because we think it is wrong.
But because the other parameters involved are too overbearing at the moment.
The decision to get a second CI has now been postponed indefinitely...

14-Sep-12 : Progress Report
Today we had Aarav's progress report.
This was supposed to be the 3 Month-Post Implant Progress Report, but due to some reasons it got delayed and today we have the progress report.
Aarav's score has been 33 out of 40!! A brilliant progress so far!!
The score is based on a set of 10 questions and Aarav's responses to each of them.
Though the score with the hearing aid is 2-3. :(

I would have expected responses to at least loud sounds.. I think we need to get Aarav's hearing aid fine tuned again.

15-Sep-12 : A brush with the deaf culture!!!
This was quite and experience in itself.

A separate blog post on this... Click here...

We are happy we met this lady. No credit to her but because it was an experience we should have had.

It is good to know what correct decision one has taken.
But it feels even better when you understand what WRONG YOU HAVE AVOIDED…

Planning to have a small Ganpati decoration at home as well…
Aarav will enjoy.
With all the everyday prayers and sweets, this will be an added enjoyment for Aarav plus good for learning too!!

19-Sep-12 : Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganpati week here…
Went early morning to take blessings of Lord Ganesha.
Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati pune 2012.

Aarav dressed up like a "Dhol-walla" in his school!!
I simply love his daycare!!
He had Ganpati decorations in the daycare and story telling.
And all the kids were dressed in traditional wear as well!!
More soon..

Went to the city to see Ganpati processions today evening.
I was afraid Aarav would be scared due to all that excessive noise, but he seems ok. In fact he was intrigued by the music and lights…

26-Sep-12 : New true words!!
Aarav is now saying Thank you!!

27-Sep-12 : Medicine time with Aarav!!

Aarav and medicines... Its is quite a routine...

29-Sep-12 : Ganpati visarjan
Went to the city to see Ganpati processions.
Aarav stared intently at the Dhol procession. He was not scared by the noise. He was intrigued!!
He understood the source of sound and wanted to keep on watching till the procession passed us by…

5-Oct-12 : Diveagar
We had been planning for quite a few weeks to go to this vacation.
It is raining today. And there is news of a storm coming in.
We will have to now cancel the picnic.

We will not let Aarav’s birthday get missed due to a silly storm.
We will be celebrating it!!
Now starts the planning :D

6-Oct-12 : Birthday!!!
Birthday program at home. The decision to celebrate was taken a yesterday night!
Superb day!!
Aarav enjoyed his birthday a lot!!
More soon..

22-Oct-12 : Typical Boy!!

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