Friday, 26 October 2012

Guest Post from Aarav!!!

Hi All!!!
I am Aarav.

Few days back, I was just browsing the net to check up on my own blog.

And I was surprised!!!
Oh Mom!!!! Tch tch!
She dint keep it updated like she used to!!! 

Do you know how long my blog was dormant??? 30 days!! 1 full month!!
I grew a full year older during this time.. and my blog missed it!!

I told her to listen to me.
I begged.


I scolded her.

I even tried to physically get in into her head.

I tried my best puppy-dog eyes..

And my best girly-blushy-beautiful-melt-any-mom-eyes smile..

But aaalllll in vain.

Well, to be fair, it was not her fault.
She did have quite a lot happening in the last month.


I fell sick...
Then she fell sick..
Then dad fell sick..
Then me again...
Then our cooking Aunty stopped coming...
Then our other cleaning Aunty stopped coming...
Then my progress report..
Then Ganpati celebration at home..
My everyday study..
My birthday picnic and planning..
The cancellation of my Birthday picnic..
The celebration of my birthday and new planning done at the very last minute...


She was pretty wrapped up.
Even more than me.

Thank god for dad's planning. He's the organized one.

He tried to tell mom to relax and compartmentalize.
But its a difficult concept, you know.

So I demonstrated.

So now she's better.
And she said that she will start updating my blog very soon.
And because I am a good son, I wanted to help her.

Mom made a list but never posted... So I helped post her ready list.

So that once it is posted, mom can update each and every individual update when time permits...

So you all can stop staring into space or pulling out your hair...
The wait is finally over...


1 comment:

  1. Very well written, I love to read this.
    I know Aarav keeps you busy all the time.Its good - active MOM.


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