Monday, 10 September 2012

Have you planned for a second CI??

Posted on 17-10-2012.
I had to take a break to clear my head else this post might have been a depressing rant :)

These are excerpts from my personal diary, so grammar, words, tenses and emotions are not as formatted as I wish them to be.
But then, neither was my brain at that time.
Still, worth a share.
10-Sept-2012 Monday.

We went for therapy today and also got the Neptune mapping done.
This new map for Neptune is the first real map after the Neptune-switch on.

Our Audiologist explained to us the benefits of getting the second CI done soon.
In case the recipient is bilaterally implanted within a small time gap, then the brain adjusts and tunes both ears such that the responses from both become identical.

This is not a surprise for us, we had always planned to get the second CI done in the near future… We just never expected to the future to be this recent...
The decision of getting Aarav a second CI is not an easy decision. In fact, it has become even more difficult than the first one.

This time we don't have to think just about the surgery and post surgery plans, but the biggest bottleneck is Money.
Remember I said, how in India CI is not aided by insurance or government or anyone??? The CI recipient has to bear the entire costs.
And remember how we raised money the last time?? Well, we still have to return them first..

When the discussion came up for the Second CI, we were torn . We want to get the second CI for Aarav.
We know that is what we want for Aarav. Aarav needs two ears.
The question is how can we make it possible.. and so soon?

The plans we chalked out for raising money, possible sell offs, loans, other options.. were rather brutal to a long term survival... Unwise. Reckless. Full of risk.
What could we now sell to raise money??
What would be the correct decision??

What would be the wise decision? One that would hold the whole framework of our lives still together, slightly battered, slightly torn but still enough to sustain??
Would we see the decision soon?? Would it come to us??

More sleepless nights and disturbed minds ....
I am going to take a break from blogging to clear my head.

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