Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ten on Tuesday - 10 weeks old

Age by birthday- 22 mnths 2 days
Hearing age - 10 weeks (2m1wk2d)

1 - Waking up a sleepy boy!!
I put on the PSP before I wake Aarav and switch it on on a low volume. And then without touching him I call out to him to wake him.
Usually he wakes up by calling and is fully awake in a few minutes.

Today morning, Aarav was a bit too sleepy.
I put on the magnet and called his name. He just turned and slept with his back facing me.
I called again.
He sat up.
Opened his eyes a teeny bit.
Looked at me with a 'Please, 5 minutes more' look
Pulled his magnet off.
And simply rolled back to sleep!

The Boy mastered the snooze button..

Oh my god! The boy has an internal snooze button!!!
I see difficult times ahead.
(Well, not for me. For Kaustubh. I use the snooze button extensively. He's just lucky I can't pull my ears off. ha ha)

2 - On wearing a cap.
Its sneezy monsoon here in Pune, so wearing a cap is now mandatory for Aarav.
We were in the Speech clinic today morning for his therapy and when done started wrapping him up to leave.
- I pulled the cap out of the bag.

- Aarav instinctively pulled the magnet out and held it there.

- I put on the cap on his head.

- Aarav refixed the magnet back.

This was a usual routine for us but his Audiologist had a laugh!! This was in fact a new way of using the mike's magnetic properties!!!

3 - Aarav hears all his ling sounds well.
The six lings- aa, oo, ee, mm, ss, sh. He hears it from regular distance and from 6 feet far as well.
He hears the whispered sound "haa" as well.
I feel he responds to his name 75% of times. Kaustubh thinks its 45% times.
I guess we can say its 60% only now.

4 - Its been over a month now, and we will be having a mapping soon.
This will be aided-unaided both-or something else (not sure what i heard actually-its something new for me) I heard today but don't know about it yet.
I'll know more soon.

5 - Aarav is banging pots and pans and utensils so much now that I actually have to scold him to shush down.
And when I scold, he bangs them "slowly".
Not sure, but I think he knows the volume difference now.
If only he understood, 'No' volume does not mean 'low' volume.

6 - Aarav is now babbling a LOT. He babbles to himself, to his dolls, he even babbles when we are not listening.

7 - Changes in potty practices.
Aarav now tells us when he needs to go. But after he's done going...
Well, some hints are coming...

8 - Aarav now looks like Mowgli. His hair covers his hearing aid completely. About time for a hair cut now.
I love his look, but the fear of smuggling live merchandise makes me think I better give him a trim.
Now the decision of whether I should give him an innovative haircut or a boring professional one is to be taken.
What do you guys suggest?

The Long haired Goofy Look

The Tenali Raman Look

The Mohawk Look

The "Tere Naam" Look
The Soldier Look

 9 - Waiting for Neptune...
Well not much here.. Aarav has started hating the harness.. 
We are just waiting for it from so long now.. Hope our Neptune is delivered soon..

10 - Finally a blog post on time!!

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