Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Three on Tuesday - 9 weeks old

1-Aarav is now saying "baba" to call Kaustubh. Its more like babababa, and similar is babababa for bye-bye. But he uses both at the right place in the correct way.
More words in the making now.

2-We have been instructed by our therapist to make him understand the sound-toy pair and to make him associate the sounds to the respective toys.
Aarav now is correctly recognising and says the following-

Bhu bhu - dog

Shhh - sleepy baby

What he says here for sh is all air out his lips but he is trying to copy correctly, means he has heard it correct.

Baba - for Kaustubh

Ba ba - for bye-bye.

Do note the space between Baba and ba ba. He uses it. He knows that they are to be used as different words.

3 - A new mapping is to be done this week. The current map was done a month back.
Just a touch up needed I guess

Three this Tuesday and a pic :-)

This was when Aarav was learning to stand up...

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