Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ten on Tuesday - 6 weeks old

Ten on Tuesday
6 weeks since switch on.
1 - Everytime I put on the magnet, he himselfs starts saying "AAAA" now to perform his listening checks.

2 - We are seeing a huge change in his personality since the switch on.
The mild meek mannered Aarav, who was bit of a push over, has now learned to voice his opinions!! Literally. He stands up for himself. Argues (all in gestures and grunts still) and makes his point heard. He is not a push over anymore, in fact he is now fighting, playing, interacting with all.
He's learning to be one of the kids now.
My little baby is now growing up!!!

3 - He now uses "De" (give) sign and voice liberally.. Babbling is definitely on the rise and he vcalises frequently, and even on demand now.  

4 - Aarav is mimicking sounds, not consonants yet, but basically tries to copy and repeat the intonations and sound patterns.
He now knows and identifies few words like 'bye-bye' and 'Up'. There are more, but I am not sure if he understands them by the gesture involved or by listening.
(up and byebye are event asociated - like when keeping a toy away or when someone leaving.. but he listens and knows them well.)

5 - He is running very well now!!! We waited for sooo long for him to start walking that now this development is a lot of fun to watch. (a few scary events too have happened, but he was fine much before we were. So all is good.)

6 - He is even trying to jump!! Still not completely successful.. He just stoops down, tries to launch himself up and then stands straight.. in a rather funny way, because the actual "jump" part is still missing. Its like a push up, just funnier.

7 - He knows and sings the nursery rhyme..
Rolly Polly Rolly Polly
Up Up Up
Rolly Polly Rolly Polly
Down Down Down
Rolly Polly Rolly Polly
In In In
Rolly Polly Rolly Polly
Out Out Out
So everytime I start the rhyme action, he completes it. His favourite is Up up and in in clap, where he holds our hands and makes us clap!!!

8 - He knows the cooker whistle too well now. He identifies it and also shows us that the cooker whistled by coming into the kitchen and pointing or staring.

9 - He has started showing us that he heard by putting his hands on his ears now.

10 - The little dare devil keeps scaring us now. Yesterday he rode his bike up the bed (aargh why?). Obviously gravity was not impressed and the bike toppled over, on top of him barely missing his nose. Thankfully his head hit the soft side of the carpet.
I think I may need to put bubble wrap on him soon.

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