Friday, 20 July 2012

Step Up - Aarav's second home!!!

When we shifted into our new home in Kothrud, we had to change Aarav's day-care arrangements as well. He had been going to a "Palnaghar" (run by a lady at her home as a part time business) since 4 months of age and when we moved he was over a year old and had started understanding and choosing people.

We saw quite a few palnaghars and day-cares in the same area. The home based system has a lot of flaws, 7-8 kids to one caretaker ratio, home food cooked at 6am, reheated and given for full day.
This was not what we wanted anymore. So we looked out for a professional daycare system. But the ones we saw were too professional !!!

We wanted Aarav to retain his individuality and not become a slave to rules and do's and dont's and at the same time, we wanted him to learn to follow a routine that would help inculcate good behavior.
We thought it was impossible to find this combination of professionalism regarding hygiene, timeliness, basic child-care rules and still the love and care and freedom like he gets at home.

A tussle it was!

But when we visited Step Up Daycare at Kothrud, and saw the daycare facilities and met the team, we knew that this is exactly what we wanted for Aarav.
It was due to Step up Team that the daycare transition for Aarav was very smooth .

The professionalism and consistency regarding daycare schedules, food, holidays, medicine is really really good. We, as parents, usually want to monitor the kind of behavior our kids are exposed to, and even if my baby goes to a daycare , I want them to be just as soft spoken and nicely behaved as he would be if staying at home. The maids and the bai's are loving and caring and don't make him feel like he is in a daycare.
In fact, Aarav even has bonded with one of his Tais so well, that asks for her to be there to feed him and when he wakes up!! That itself speaks volumes!!

My husband and I, we have full time jobs and Aarav is in the daycare for 8-9 hours daily - 5 days a week.
To help us know about Aarav's daily schedule, Step up team share his daily schedule with us in a notebook, every single day, and every tiny minute detail is recorded perfectly. They even share his antics and mischief in the book!!
That little notebook is one of the best things that Step Up has been doing for us. We read it religiously every single day and will be keeping that book as a souvenir..

Another good thing is that, all the holidays are planned well in advance. There are no surprises there at all.. So we can also plan our schedules according to Aarav's holidays.

Coughs and colds and fevers and other illnesses were also handled very tactfully. Medicines were always given on time. They also ensure that there are no sick kids in the daycare who could pass on their illnesses to others and at the same time any kids recovering from any illness (who are not infectious but not fully well) are also cared for with extra care and attention.
So whenever Aarav needs to be given medicines, his afternoon dosages are given in the daycare. his medicines are always given and never missed.
We are never worried.

Step Up also has a lot of celebrations and activities for the kids to take part in.
Last month was Palkhi, and the kids were dressed up in traditional Indian wear and they walked and carried the Palkhi while singing the Palkhi songs!!
Last December, there was a Christmas celebration and Santa came to visit Step Up.
These precious celebrations are learning moments that a stay-at-home kid might have missed!!

Last but not the least, Step Up has proved to be one of the best decisions we have taken especially during the recent few months. Handling a CI kid is not as easy as a normal kid, the processor needs to be taken care of, the hearing aid needs to be taken care of and Aarav himself needs extra care.
Words are just not enough to thank the Step Up team, it was due to these guys that the last few months have been a lot simpler.
They took the extra effort to understand how the processor is to be used, the do's and dont's and precautions.
That is a LOT of effort and no other people could have done what StepUp team has done for Aarav and us..
They speak to him regularly and take interest and help monitor his progress.
Step Up team has played a major role in helping Aarav rehabilitate in the hearing world. A blessing they have been!
I could go on and on... But to summarize, we simply don't have to worry about Aarav when he is at Step Up..
It is now his second home.

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