Friday, 15 June 2012

So say the geek parents...

My husband and I, we spend 45 hours a week each finding, hunting and destroying bugs.
For the non-IT crowd, no real bugs here.
(don't worry PETA and dear govt, your job is still not being done by anyone..)

We are both into Software Testing. "Finding bugs" means that we test your everyday software for defects and make the software better for you to use.

Software testing is now an integral part of our lives. 

We think, talk and communicate in software terms now..
Any two software tester geeks meet.. they have this language. Its like a tribe with a culture and a social system. A new type of language if you will..
So, when I say a tribe-culture-languasge, what does it mean?

These are few bits of information that I can recall. These are during the last four months, when Kaustubh and I had to talk, in presence of other people, about relatively secret stuff...

After the first hearing tests..
K - What are the results?
J - There's a problem in the build. The basic Smoke test does not find the build suitable, basic functionality missing or critically broken. We need a detailed check on the this functionality.
K - (Long pause) hmmm. are you ok?
J - brain reboot required.
(virtual keyboard mentally banged into virtual monitor and virtual-anger+sadness scream added. All in mute mode)

After the Xrays.. and a little low on mood. 
K - Completed?
J - Yes. Done.
K - How was it done?
J - Gullivered Aarav down and took snapshots.
K - What snapshots?
J - I mean Screenshots.
K - Whaaat?
J - I mean Screenprints.
K - Whaaaaaaaat?
J - I mean the black photo where you see his skull, re baba!
K - LOL! its called Xrays!
J - (Mentally hit my self on the head)

Before we went to the hospital for surgery
I thought that the basic prerequisite to bringing home a sick recuperating baby, would be to clean his room and make it spotless.
So, dressed in cleaning shorts, Kaustubh's old tshirt, turbaned my head and duster in hand, I began from the top.
Where at the top? Cleaning the ceiling.

The husband knows me so well sometimes to my annoyance, that he magically appeared.

K - Wasn't the house just super-cleaned this weekend? What are you doing? We'll be in the hospital for 3 days, it'll be dusty again.
J - (brandishing dustmop like a sword) Must clean again. All must be clean. 
(duster hits fan -  dust from dustmop jumps out - room looks full of fog) You help??
K - (Showing his just-took-a-shower-clean-ironed-shirt + eyes roll in frustration) Sanity or regression??
J - Regression.
K - ???? We need to check Aarav's bag, his doctor files, food for the evening, your bag, other misc stuff and you need to take a nap because the next nap may be a few days later..
And 2 hours deadline to move to hospital.
(long pause - dust mop reads husband's anger and frustration reasoning and stops moving )
J - Sanity.
K - And you look like the dustmop.
J - Done. The room is clean and I am taking a bath.

Such are the benefits of Compatibility Testing.


  1. How on earth did you manage to write this? nerdie u!!!
    Well considering the Tiny GEM's Progress rate, and the original intelligence scripted in him, it wont be long before he actually breaks your 'secret code'

    As of now, Mamma, Pappa have already introduced Aarav to Android Gingerbread.
    To everyone's surprise, he manages to search for his android Apps easily between those multiple screens on three different cell phones!!!

  2. LOL.. this is really how you communicate.. !! sanity or regression.. haha.. great compatibility guys! God bless!


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