Tuesday, 5 June 2012

First mapping!!!

Aarav's first mapping was done on 1st June.
Aarav seems to have made the connection that his implant changes are done by his audiologist. Every time he got some sound, he looked at her!!!

We had speech therapy on the same day. Aarav's therapist has now started teaching him to use his 'New ears'.. Its a learning experience for not just Aarav but for us as parents too!!
Our therapist is the nicest lady ever!!! Love her! She even came with me to visit Aarav's daycare, and spent time in the daycare, explaining to them about how to handle the implant, the dos and don'ts of handling a CI kid.
Such a lot of effort, who does that???
She's a sweetheart.

We are truly blessed to have met such good people!!

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