Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Getting ready for the big day..

A list of prerequisites have to be met before the surgery.

IQ assessment, blood and urine tests, xrays, vaccinations and most important, his good health should be maintained till the surgery date and beyond so that recovery is faster. Not even minor coughs and colds allowed for surgery..

The vaccination to be given is for menangitis. Two doses, a month apart.
Vaccinations given on 3rd-Apr-2012 and 5th-May-2012.

IQ assessment was done on the 21st April... This is an assessment done by a Child Psychologist to check his overall development. Basically, to help get a general idea of what milestones to expect in the coming year(s) after switch on..

The report says???
Aarav, at 18 months old, has a mental age of 20 months (An explanation to all that crafty naughty intelligence finally!!!) and motor age of 13 months. (Not surprised-he just learnt to walk, so thats ok)

Xrays were done on 7th may.
As little kids are too fidgetty during these xray photos, the technician taught me a superb Taekwondo-Kungfu-Judo-wrestling move to pin Aarav down long enough to get the xray done.

The Xray came out fine.
But it seems that now, I am going to have to endure quite a few hits and bruises, with Aarav practicing the same lethal moves to tackle me during the "I-do-not-want-to-do-xyzabc-right-now" situations.
They should consider these skillfully used 'elbow-in-mom's-throat-&-knee-in-mom's-tummy' tactics in the gross motor analysis. 13 months. Hah.

The blood and urine tests were done yesterday morning.

Aarav and I, spent the morning in the pathology lab.
I thought, pulling a vial of blood out of his tiny arm would be a big painful job, but he was amazingly cool about it. Just a whimper and an annoyed look and that was it.
In fact, when the nurse gave a piece of cotton to pressure down the needle wound, he was pleasantly amused.

On the ride back home, he spent his time busy pinching me and then pretending to use the same cotton piece to plug non-existent "needle" wounds on my arm and consoling me not to cry.
I am going to need the kungfu moves again today to cut his talons. Being pinched hurts but his sweet consolation skills were effective.
Neither of us cried much.

The biggest task now was collecting the urine sample.

For the sake of preserving the dignity and sanity of mommy-kind and to not alter the pathology lab's supreme cleanliness, I decided to do this Herculean task at home.

Have you ever tried clicking photos of lightning?? People spend many years of their life for 'one perfect picture'.
All that effort... for 'one perfect sample'.
Lightening photography and collecting the pee of a 1.5 year old, who has not been potty trained, is just the same...


You never know when it will strike.

Staring at it or chasing it around does not make lightening.
Or pee. 

It comes when it has to.

You never know how much, how strong and how long it will last.

It comes when you least expect it..

And vanishes in the blink of an eye..

Thankfully, unlike lightning, pee does not completely vanish when it strikes and can be collected off the floor.
To summarize, yesterday, many hours were spent in following an hyperactive happy little nudist.

After missing out on a few rare 'lightening moments', feeling tired and betrayed, I scanned the play area floor for remnants of the latest drizzle. 

Ta daa!!! My cup was half full!! Literally.

Finally, all the samples were submitted and all results received. And we have the much needed fitness certificate, that says that we are good to go ahead with surgery on the 14th!!!

5 days to go.
5 more only.


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